The Ecuadorian police have now also released a photo of Lesley L., who was arrested the day before. The arrests are also confirmed by the American children’s rights organization Operation Underground Railroad (OUR). According to OUR, three boys, between 8 and 12 years old, were found in the duo’s hotel in the coastal town of Canoa.

    With his arrest, Marthijn U. is the second pedo leader who, on the run from justice in the Netherlands, has been arrested abroad. Lesley L. was recently convicted in absentia in our country for producing child pornography.

    The children found are offered psychological and medical help. Lesley L. was immediately arrested on Wednesday during a raid in Canoa. When it turned out that his partner Marthijn had disappeared, the police opened a manhunt for him. That led to his arrest at Ecuador airport on Thursday evening just before midnight (Dutch time). Marthijn U. and Lesley L. have been sentenced to prison terms in the Netherlands.

    nelson m.

    The Ecuadorian police tracked down the duo through Free a Girl after the arrest of Nelson M. in Mexico. When he was arrested on Sunday, June 5 in Mexico City, large amounts of child porn, a firearm with bullets and cocaine were found.

    The Dutch organization Free a Girl discovered that Nelson M. had been in Ecuador before his arrest. This set the investigative authorities and undercover agents on the trail of other Dutch people, including U. and L. The American organization Operation Underground Railroad, which was also involved in the arrest of Nelson M., further investigated his contacts in Ecuador.

    Not only Nelson M., but also the open pedo activist Norbert de J. visited the hotel in Ecuador this month, according to Free a Girl. He was deported from Ecuador with a fellow traveler and landed at Schiphol on 18 June. Nelson M., Marthijn U. and Norbert de J. have known each other for years through their close collaboration within organizations such as the pedoclub Martijn, which want to legalize sex between children and adults.

    ‘Clear message’

    Evelien Hölsken of the children’s rights organization Free a Girl is in close contact with the research team: “We are following it closely from the Netherlands. Let these arrests, and that of Nelson M. earlier this month, send a clear message to any pedosexual guilty of child abuse. Even if you think you can avoid justice by hiding in villages on the other side of the world, justice will always prevail. You keep your hands off children.”

    When asked, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs could not yet confirm the arrests of the Dutch in Ecuador: “But we also know that only if consular assistance is requested by Dutch people in prisons. And that is not always the case,” said a spokesperson. “We may be able to say more about this in the course of Friday.”

    The Dutch lawyer of Marthijn U. and Lesley L., Mr. Sidney Smeets, says he is waiting for official reports about the arrests of his clients.