08/03/2022 at 07:38


    The 67-year-old man acknowledges the sexual assault on the woman, although he will not go to prison in exchange for taking a sex education course and not committing a crime in five years

    An individual has been sentenced to two years in prison, although he is granted the benefit of the suspension of the custodial sentencefor violating a woman and beat her up in the back of a van. The man from Murcia 67 years oldadmitted in court the sexual assault of which he was accused and acknowledged that he forced the woman, his employee, who was hired through a temporary employment company to pick apricots on the farm where he was then in charge.

    As can be read in the account of proven facts of the sentence, the events took place in May three years ago, when the victim and the aggressor agreed to meet. The subject picked up the woman in Archena, with her van, and took her to a farm in Yéchar, in Mula, where she stopped. When she asked him what they were doing there, the individual blurted out: “Shut up: if you don’t want problems with me, do what I ask you”. Then the worker expressed her intention to leave her, and that was when he “shoved her and put her in the back of the van, the woman trying to get away on several occasions, without success, due to the hits that the accused gave him in the faceat the same time that grabbed her by the hair“.

    Immediately afterwards, he raped her, while insulting her: “You’re a whore: if you stayed with me and got into the car, you already knew what was going to happen.” He attacked her again and said: “Get dressed and don’t say anything, nobody will believe you”. “If you say anything about this, both you and your countrymen are going to lose your job,” she added.

    Half a year behind bars

    The victim suffered several injuries of which she was treated at the hospital. And she reported. Her boss was then arrested and the duty judge sent him to provisional prison, where he spent half a year. Three years after the events, the case reached the Provincial Court of Murcia, although no trial was held as such, as there was agreement between the parties.

    And by virtue of that accordance, the subject acknowledged the facts and agreed to the agreed penalties. The matter was declared seen for sentencing by strict agreement of the parties, so the ruling was brought forward and the sentence declared final. The sexagenarian is sentenced to two years in prison for a crime of sexual assaultwith mitigating measures to repair the damage (before the trial, he delivered 6,000 euros to his victim for civil liability) and late confession.

    He will not be able to approach less than 500 meters from the woman he raped for seven years. Also, it will Five years on probation. During this five years he will not be able to commit crimes: he will not go to jail on the condition that heor commit a crime some and attend a sexual education training program.