TVE-1 has started its ‘Telediario’ saying «It is the World of controversy over the violation of human rights in Qatar. It will be difficult to separate what happens on and off the pitch». In other words, TVE journalists cannot play distracted either and have pointed out –albeit in brief brushstrokes– the reality of what is happening in the host country of the 2022 Soccer World Cup.

    On television speaking, the treatments and comments in this regard are different. If a chain has bought the broadcast rights, the voices of complaint are softened, or are almost non-existent. Friday on TVE’s La 2 jenaro castro interviewed Jose Maria Garcia (‘General shot’) and asked him what he thinks of the World Cup. The prodigious ‘butanite’ of the airwaves answered: «Greater nonsense than this has not been contemplated in history. If it is not for the vile metal, it cannot be understood that it is celebrated there». This brushstroke on TVE, the channel that broadcasts the event, has merit.

    That same Friday, at practically the same time, it was in ‘La Sexta Columna’ where they offered us a devastating documentary. They made a portrait of Qatar that started warning: «Soccer stadiums built with blood that have cost the lives of at least more than six thousand workers in Southeast Asia», and they continued with the dissection of the distortions that, based on many billions of dollars, the Qatari royal family has taken the championship, and incidentally whitewashing its dictatorship before the entire planet.

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    Money, business, corrupt Western collaborators – even some businessman who calls himself a ‘Trotskyite’ as our director warned yesterday Albert Saez with unequivocal intention – and all of this wrapped up in football as a business. And above all, television as an artifact of collective intoxication facing the outside world. «Oil, gas and the network Al Jazeera» pointed out in this documentary as the basic pillars of Qatar.

    As an example of the annihilation of human rights, they gave us that tutorial by a Qatari sociologist who, under the television signal Memri TV, teaches there for the learning of men. He teaches ‘How to hit the wife without leaving bruises or blood’, that is, how to hit her without leaving an obvious trace. Faced with all this, the Western response is to celebrate a great television business show. In other words, the World Cup has begun. Enjoy, girls.