The new book reveals the relationship between pop star George Michael and Princess Diana.

    Princess Diana and George Michael were close friends. AOP

    Pop singer George Michaelista a new book to be published sheds light on the star’s relationship with Princess Diana.

    The book reveals that Diana was in love with the singer, but Michael kept her a little distant all the time. Diana and Michael were close friends.

    They also had a lot in common. Diana and Michael, who became popular in the 1980s, became icons of their time. Both also suffer tragic deaths at a young age.

    George Michael: A Life takes a peek into the life and relationships of a pop star. According to the book, Princess Diana, who was already married at the time, fell in love with Michael, who did not tell her about her sexual orientation during Diana’s lifetime.

    According to the book, the friends were so close that Diana invited Michael to her home. Michael addressed Diana as a loved one and even donated a gold watch to her. The friends had lunch together at Kensigton Palace.

    Diana and Michael met in July 1985 when Diana attended a concert at Wembley Stadium where Michael performed with other stars.

    According to the book, Diana has been enchanted since her first encounter. Michael, on the other hand, kept Diana away as she sensed the princess’s admiration.

    Diana and Michael’s friendship lasted until the princess’s death. A year before Diana’s death, one call between friends was accidentally recorded.

    In 1996, Diana divorced Prince Charles. Diana made a phone call to Michael, which Michal’s friend later sold to the public.

    Michael, real name Giorgios Panayiotou, was born in 1963 and rose to fame on Wham! when he was only 19 years old. Michael later punched through as a solo artist. He died in 2016 on Christmas Day at the age of 53.

    A biographical film about Michael has also been planned. However, the design had to be put on ice as Michael’s close circle reported that they had disputed the content of the film.

    Princess Diana died at the age of 36 in a car accident in Paris on August 31, 1997.

    Source: People