P.oco matter if, at the first of Top Gun: Maverick in London, Tom Cruise did not respect the rules of the protocol, forgetting to bow his head in front of William and Kate, and instead just shaking their hands. That with the American star is a friendship that, a few months after a planned trip to the USA, it’s very convenient for the Cambridge. Beyond the shared passion for aviation.

    Prince William wants to conquer Hollywood. Like brother Harry

    A meeting between old friends, the one between Prince William and Tom Cruise in London for the premiere of “Top Gun: Maverick”, May 19, 2022 (Getty Images)

    In the fall, William, 39, and Kate, 40, will be in the US for the second edition ofEarthshot, the prestigious international awards for environment protection established by the prince heir to the throne. But there is a problem: after accusations of racism addressed to the Royal Family by Harry and Meghan during the interview with Oprah Winfrey a little over a year ago, at this moment the Cambridge they are not very popular among Americans.

    William and Kate, a modern royal couple: they hold hands and break the protocol

    William and Kate, a modern royal couple: they hold hands and break the protocol

    The (hoped) advance of Prince William and Kate Middleton in Hollywood

    Anxious to be accepted in the US before their arrival and showing a much more modern and accessible monarchy to overseas audiences, the Cambridge would have devised a media strategy worthy of Harry and Meghan. Aiming straight up eaembracing the star par excellence at courtthat Tom Cruise, 59, who played a crucial role in the first Platinum Jubilee celebrations in recent days of Queen Elizabeth.

    The “spite” of the Cambridge to the Sussex

    Where Harry and Meghan seem to have failed, William and Kate are now making great strides. So far the Sussexes they failed to fit into Hollywood circles as they hopeddespite famous friends like Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres.

    The Cambridge, however, have revealed in Tom Cruise – historical idol of the Americans – a rather unexpected ace in the hole. And that with his friendship now strengthens the credibility of William and Kate overseas.

    Thanks to friend Tom, the Cambridge had already seen the film

    To indicate a particular friendship between the Hollywood actor and the couple heir to the throne of England he had already been the invitation last April, when Cruise had reserved an entire London cinema for the Cambridge and a group of friends and family. An occasion in which William and Kate had been able to enjoy a preview of the expected sequel Top Gun: Maverick.

    Prince William, friend of Tom Cruise since he was 13

    The friendship between the prince and the Hollywood actor goes back a long time: 26 years, to be precise, when Cruise fan Diana had taken her children to Pinewood Studios in London, where some scenes of Mission: Impossible.

    Tom Cruise meets Princess Diana in 1992 (Getty Images)

    The princess had even considered the hypothesis of a relationship with the actor, judging it, however … too low for her. But over the decades William has maintained relationships with the actor, who is now proving very helpful to the Cambridge’s international ambitions.

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