D.to artistic perfumery to the most technological, Pitti Fragranze Florence 2022 returns to celebrate the world of niche perfumery. They are all and five senses to be involved by leading companies and brands. Trends? Fragrances that reinterpret notes gourmand, they evolve into new experiences that reach up to the Metaverse, without ever forgetting their origins.

    Pitti Fragranze 2022: olfactory trends

    The return of gourmand notes

    The 20 edition of Pitti Fragranze 2022 confirms how the modern perfumery is also rediscovering the gourmand notes. After representing the various facets of vanilla and cocoa, Maison Tahité inaugurates a new journey to discover coffee: with a clear homage to Italy and one of its excellences.

    Coffee is also always spoken by Akro which offers intense jus, ranging from tobacco leaves to leather, up to Santos coffee.

    On the other hand, the olfactory notes are softened by Francesca Bianchi, with its perfume Sticky Finger which pays homage to the Rolling Stones and is inspired by the notes of cinnamon and tonka bean.

    … And Patchouli

    Among the most relevant notes of this edition, Patchouli emerges without delay, revisited and interpreted by various brands. It turns out in its purest essence from the French brand Binet-Papillon which proposes 12 interpretations on the theme.

    While it blends with the personalities of the wearer for Hunq, Amsterdam brand that has created jus inspired by some male works, from the gardener (fresh and harmonious) to the mechanic (hot and dirty).

    The new “genderfluid” notes

    The fair offers an infinity of new olfactory notes that can be considered genderfluid. Which no longer focus on a male or female identity but develop in a sensory universe open to all.

    Those by are unisex fragrances Coreterno, Roman brand with a New York heart that takes up the themes of punk and the world of the night, creating enveloping and impactful fragrances.

    The same goes for Astier de Villatte with the new Tuscon fragrance. Inspired by the beauty of the desert, combining more animal notes with the warmer and sweeter ones of amber, giving life to a fragrance that adapts to every skin.

    And that’s how it is Pitti Fragranze 2022 makes you want to change perfume every day, following your mood and personality, changeable and playful.

    Pitti fragrances 2022: the most interesting olfactory experiences

    Guest of excellence at Pitti Fragranze 2022 is Alessandro Gualtieriknown in the industry as The Nose, author of Nasomatto And Orto Parisi that the event designed “The Alchemical Wall”.

    Through a’physical and interactive experience visitors are allowed to sublimate their frustrations with a true act of purification. How? Throwing perfume bottles against the wall and allowing through this gesture to “evaporate” one’s negative memories.

    “For me the wall is the place to observe how the process of alchemical transformation is evolving: what begins as a strong gesture of liberation ends up in a wall of vanished and blurred ideas who no longer have any body, any presence. The problems are no longer relevant, “said the nose.

    Credits: AKAstudio-collective

    Like traveling

    The 5 senses are also involved insensory experience of the Metaverse, presented by Fabrizio Dog cutterwith the new eau de parfum ZOE: a vetiver and saffron-based jus that involves not only the sense of smell.

    Through the use of an Oculus (an augmented reality viewer) you can experience a olfactory three-dimensional journey aboard a Harley Davidson: smelling the wind, the asphalt and the olfactory notes of the fragrance that blend together in a sensory experience.

    Ode to the Queen

    Talk about history and traditions Laura Bosetti Tonatto through an “olfactory wunderkammer”, driven by the search for the finest materials. Like those in the fragrance inspired by Queen Elizabeth, based on Rosa di Taif: a particular variety of rose that grows only on the Saudi plateau, where temperatures above 50 ° are recorded during the day and drops to 20 ° at night. And it is precisely this thermal excursion that makes the flower unique and precious.

    Perfumes 2022: between technology and history

    We remain within the scope of new technologies with the new niche perfumery brand HeadSpace that combines natural and synthetic raw materialscreating its fragrances based on the predominance of an emblematic natural ingredient.

    For example the perfume Genievre it is an elegant alcoholic, citrus and woody scent with bitter notes of juniper berries and pink pepper reminiscent of gin and tonic. Or Sauge that reveals the essence of clary sage and spices giving life to a perfume that recalls with its notes the most uncontaminated nature.

    Just close your eyes and smell the perfume to be transported on sometimes unexpected journeys.