Singer Pete Parkkonen stars in the latest Vain läämää season.

    Pete Parkkonen’s performance in Vain länää program has garnered attention from the viewers. ATTE KAJOVA

    Erika Vikman’s day was celebrated in the latest episode of the Just Life program. Singer Pete Parkkonen interpreted Vikman The table of sinners – song. Parkkonen’s version of the well-known pop song was slow-tempo and seductive in its atmosphere.

    Parkkonen, dressed in a burgundy suit and sparkling undershirt, made Erika compliment the man’s appearance.

    – Wow, you’re hot! What a singer, Erika stated immediately after the performance.

    This is how Pete Parkkonen’s performance of Sinstinen pöytä looked. Petri Aho

    On social media, Parkkonen’s performance has garnered several laudatory comments. Especially on Twitter, the man has been praised as Finland’s own “Lenny Kravitz”.

    – Clean the table of sinners. Pete Parkkonen is Finland’s Lenny Kravitz, a viewer commented on Twitter.

    – It’s hot now. Pete Parkkonen and the Table of Sinners, says Facebook.

    Pete Parkkonen once became public from the Idols competition. Petri Aho

    – No one else could have played the Sinners table but Pete Parkkonen, and luckily that was true. Although the version was completely different from what I had thought, it positively surprised me.

    Parkkonen has also published a picture on his own Instagram account, in connection with which he has shared his thoughts regarding Vikman’s day.

    – I have met Erika at concerts. It’s often a pretty superficial conversation in the midst of all the hustle and bustle. While talking with Erika and watching her, I noticed many of the same traits. One of them is the fact that we are both quite “hipsters” from the inside, says Parkkonen.

    The singer’s performance is praised in the comment field.

    – Now it hit and sank. That genre suits you really well, so continue on the same path, the Instagram follower writes.

    – Phew! It was a hot evening. You are the best Pete!

    Next week, the singer Redrama’s day will be celebrated in Vain lääää program.

    Only life today on Nelose at 20:00. See all TV programs and broadcast times in Telku’s TV guide.