The city is covered with rainbow flags because Pride week is here again. The theme this year is ‘My Gender, My Pride’. A special theme for Rika Della Lammers, who went into transition to become a woman in 1991. In the week of the Pride, AT5/NH Nieuws will make the series “People of the Pride”.

    Pride portrait Rika – NH Nieuws

    “A world opened up to me,” Rika says with a twinkle in her eye about the nightlife in the early 1990s. “In Amsterdam I went to the IT disco. Everything happened there. There came transvestites, transsexuals, gays and lesbians.”

    She feels at home among the audience and gets into conversation. “They said to me, ‘You’re transgender’ and I thought to myself, What am I? Oh wow, I’m transgender.” From that moment on it is clear: “Finally I knew what I was.”

    “You feel trapped in your body all your life”


    After her transition, Rika happily goes through life as a trans woman and on 12-12-12 her biggest dream comes true. She marries her great love. AT5 attends the wedding and Rika tells reporter Frank Awick: “As a little girl, little boy, I always dreamed of getting married. But what are the chances of getting married as a transsexual?”

    After a few years the marriage ends, but Rika looks back on it with a good feeling: “It is not easy to go through life as a trans woman. Then a man comes into your life and says: ‘I take you as you do. Will you marry me?” It still touches me.”

    In dating men, Rika is extra aware of the fact that she goes through life as a trans woman: “Then I always have to say it about myself. I still have that struggle.” Still, Rika remains positive and gets a lot of pleasure from making TikTok videos. “I am a trans woman, everyone should know about me.”

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