Óscar arrives, the first high-impact storm that affects the Canary Islands in a month of June

The arrival of a new stormcall Oscarwill leave intense rains and winds as of this Tuesday in the western islands of Spain, thus being the first alerted high-impact storm that will affect the Canary archipelago in a month of June.

This has been highlighted by the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) in the Canary Islands, who recalls that in June 2019 the storm ‘Miguel’ was named but it did not end up affecting the territory.

anomalous behavior

An Aemet meteorologist, Juan Jesús González Alemán, stressed that this is extremely abnormal behavior for these dates and that the arrival of an atmospheric river in June is something “unheard of“. According to the meteorologist, the episode could be related to the extreme warm ocean temperatures that are being recorded in the North Atlantic this spring: “It is a plausible hypothesis, but should be investigated“.

The Aemet forecast is that as of Tuesday morning there will be widespread rainspersistent and locally strong or very strong, although less intense and common on the easternmost islandswith the probability that they are accompanied by storms.

The interaction of the southwest wind with the orography of the islands will enhance rainfall mainly on the islands of greater relief. In addition, they are expected strong winds on the western and frontal islandswith very strong generalized gusts of 70 kilometers / hour and more localized 90 kilometers / hour.

The ‘Óscar’ storm, which actually it deals with successive small lows in subtropical latitudes within the great storm, with its associated fronts and high moisture content, will move northward on Tuesdayremaining on the peninsula and the Balearic Islands for several days, possibly until the weekend.

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In any case, points out the Aemet, its effects will be more limited than in the Canary Islands and they will mainly consist of fairly widespread rains, starting on Wednesday, less likely and intense in the Mediterranean area, including Catalonia.

When will it end?

The Aemet indicates that it is “very probable” that on Thursdaywith the distance of ‘Óscar’ and its associated fronts from the Canary Islands, this period of rains and intense winds in the archipelago ends.