C.What is sex, when and how do drives arise, the achievement of pleasure, but also gender identity and sex in the third age? Topics that are usually whispered in secret, now find (finally!) Space on TV. On public TV. Thanks to Sex, new Rai 3 program which debuts on Sunday 7 August and airs in the late evening (starts at 11.45pm) every Sunday for six episodes (until 11 September). To lead it Angela Rafanelli, also conductor of Green Summer Line.

    An entertainment and sex education program

    The goal of Sex it is educational. That is, he wants to explain in a way clear, explicit and authoritative issues relating to sex. And the challenge is to get it right easygoing, through a format that makes entertainment, therefore with the lightness of a show, which however retains the depth appropriate to the issues addressed.
    It is also an experiment: if the program goes well, it could be confirmed and pass in a time slot more usable by all.

    Sex: the rules to save the couple from betrayal (word of an expert!)

    Sex: sex education serves because miseducation is an obstacle

    The idea from which it was born is significant Sex: sex education serves because sexual miseducation is an obstacle awareness of sexual dynamics and acceptance of one’s own identity. And sexual miseducation (or even ignorance) also opens the door to violence and murder (how many femicides happened because he did not accept to be left?).
    Awareness is therefore the key word. Know, to be able to know and control. Because in sex there must always be consent.

    The themes of Sex They speak to to the youngest (who can find answers to doubts, and grow in a sexually serene way, developing a correct approach towards the other), but also to adultssometimes raised in a “sexually improvised” way and unwittingly victims of deviations or morbidities.

    Rafanelli: “We talk about the right to happiness”

    “There is no real sexual education in Italy, it is important to make a broadcast on sex and do it on public service because here we are talking about the right to happiness “, he said gently Angela Rafanelli in an interview withHandle when the program was presented in the new summer schedules. “There is no itchy aspect: sexuality is a central element of life, and it must ignore the economic, social and cultural condition. Only if I know myself and my happiness can I accept the other“.

    Angela Rafanelli, presenter of Sex (Rai Press Office)

    Rafanelli has depth, authority and freshness to be at the helm of such an innovative and important transmission. He is a young face, loved by young people (he led Loveline on MTV, before Red – All forms of sex on Current). But it is also a reassuring and clean face that, in addition to Green Summer Lineit was made to appreciate a Sunday In And Those who football, in which it was sent. With her, it’s really possible for parents and children to sit side by side on the sofa, watching a sex show. Without taboos or embarrassments.

    The format with the sexologist and the pediatrician

    In the program there are the host, experts and gueststhen a audience of boys that does not just listen, but intervenes and interactsasking questions, even burning ones, and opening food for thought starting from personal cases.

    Regular guests next to Angela Rafanelli I am Filippo Nimbipsychologist expert in sexual issues and researcher at the La Sapienza University of Rome, ed Elena Mozzo, pediatrician and sex educator (also teaches sex education in schools). The singer-songwriter is also always present Erika Mou which, with its sounds, creates links between one guest and another, between one theme and another.

    The themes

    In each episode they face each other different themes, all related to sex. Each has a testimonial, which can be vip or not. For example we will talk about gender and disabilitytestimonial will be Max Ulivieri; from sexual orientation and gender identitycelebrity endorsement Vladimir Luxuria; from sex toys and pornography, testimonial the porn actor Romeo Mancini.

    We will also talk about body shaming, sexual dysfunctions, both male and female, sex addiction, sexting (sending texts or audio or video messages via the internet or mobile phone, for example naked or semi-naked images, a practice that opens cyber bullying).

    Sex: previews of the first episode

    In the first episode we start from the beginning: we talk about what is sex, about sexual impulses, about achieving pleasure (there is also a short anatomical explanation). There is also talk of preventionwhat does it mean pills and condoms, both male and female (Elena Mozzo explains how to put them on and how to use them).

    Guests- testimonials I am Giusi Giupponipresident Lila Como and victim of AIDS, Gabriele Vannucchiprotagonist of the documentary Positiveabout HIV, Stella Pulpoblogger expert on gender equality, body shaming and author of Memories of a vagina.

    There is also a brief speech by Drusilla Foerrevelation character of Sanremo, at the helm of Drusilla and the Almanac of the day after.