Status: 06/24/2022 07:12 a.m

    Swimming World Championships 2022, Athletics World Championships 2023 – the sports world meets in Hungary. IOC chief Bach praises Prime Minister Orban. Its goal: the Olympics.

    Swimming World Championships 2022, Athletics World Championships 2023 – the sports world is currently meeting in Hungary. IOC chief Thomas Bach praises Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Its goal: the Olympics.

    Budapest is the center of Olympic sport these days. The swimming world championships also attracted prominent visitors outside of the world swimming federation. In addition to Sebastian Coe, President of the World Athletics Federation, Thomas Bach also came to Budapest as President of the International Olympic Committee and visited Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

    “In recent years countless World Cups, European Championships and World Championships have been held, all of which have been a great success”, said Bach according to a statement. Budapest is currently hosting numerous events in Olympic disciplines.

    Hungary is aiming for a bid for summer games

    The swimming world championships, which took place in Hungary in 2017, are to be held in Budapest again in 2027 – for the third time in ten years. Husain Al-Musallam, President of the World Swimming Federation FINA, thanked Orban at a meeting on June 19 for his “continued support of swimming”.

    Athletics official Coe showed up for an appointment with Orban the same day. “It’s good to meet him”, Coe wrote on Twitter and spoke of a legacy that would be left behind. The Nemzeti Atlétikai Központ Stadium in Budapest is currently being built for the World Athletics Championships. The World Cup and many other events could lead to the legacy Orban desires: the Budapest Olympics.

    “Hosting the Olympic Games is an eternal dream for Hungarians. A love that never ends”Orban told Nemzeti Sport newspaper last year. “The necessary skills, the love of sport, the importance of sport, the sense of nationality, the economic power, the culture, everything is there.” He would like to see Hungary host the Olympic Games. And that would have been achieved “if it hadn’t been for the coup d’etat”.

    Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary

    Petition prevented application in 2024 – waiting time until at least 2036 as a result

    In the sentence with the “coup d’etat”, Orban referred to a petition by the “Momentum” movement, which called for a referendum on the application for the 2024 games. More than 250,000 people signed in 2017. The government decided against the referendum and dropped the application. “The money is now being spent on modern hospitals and well-equipped schools”Andras Fekete-Gyor, who led the movement, said at the time.

    Olympic Summer Games
    2016Rio de Janeiro
    2020 (2021)Tokyo
    2028los Angeles

    The 2024 games went to Paris, the double award also secured Los Angeles the date 2028. 2032 was also envisaged in Budapest, but a responsible commission in the IOC quickly decided on Brisbane. A new attempt for 2036 or later is not certain, but there are indications of it. An organization set up to prepare a bid for 2032 was renamed the “Budapest Olympic Games Commission” and formally mandated with the aim of opening a dialogue with the IOC on hosting future Games.

    IOC Vice President Juan Antonio Samaranch visited Budapest in May 2022 when another Olympic discipline, the modern pentathlon, was holding its World Championships there. “I hope one day you finally go ahead and do what we all think you need to do – get the games!”

    EU Commission sees constitutional principles violated in Hungary

    The IOC was recently criticized for hosting the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing. Human rights abuses in the country were a constant theme throughout the Games. Hungary is a long way from Chinese conditions, but caused outrage with restrictions on the rights of homosexuals, for example. In 2021, the Hungarian parliament, mainly with the votes of Orban’s ruling party Fidesz, passed a law restricting information about homosexuality and transsexuality, for example in sex education books.

    The stadium in Munich in rainbow colors – at the 2021 European Football Championship there was a dispute about a Hungarian law.

    The topic was high on the agenda at the European Football Championship when UEFA turned down a request from the city of Munich to have the stadium illuminated in rainbow colors for the match between Germany and Hungary.

    Because it sees rule of law principles violated, the EU Commission activated the so-called rule of law mechanism at the end of April in a long-standing dispute with the Hungarian government, which can lead to a reduction in payments to the country. Above all, the EU criticizes corruption and the illegal use of EU funds.