The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchezhas advocated this Thursday in his speech before the United Nations General Assembly for responding with unity to the open war by Russia in Ukraine and the latest actions and Threats from Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Justly now is when we need to act together the most in defense of the principles enshrined in the UN Charter and in support of Ukraine & rdquor ;, Sánchez assured in his speech, who has also declared that he sees the leader of the Kremlin in a flight forward”.

    Sánchez condemned “in the strongest terms & rdquor; the celebration announcement annexation referendums in occupied Donesk, Lugansk and Kherson territories. “Those fake referendums would constitute a new violation of international law by Putin & rdquor ;, he said, also stressing that “its result will never be recognized”.

    It was a message that he had also launched a few hours earlier at a press conference in New York before Spanish journalists. In that meeting he assured that, “like all autocrats, Putin hardens his attitude to hide his weakness&rdquor ;, and has also highlighted the united response to Moscow. “Europe is united and Putin leaves weakened”, he had said.

    In reality, Hungary has proposed a referendum to give an opinion on the sanctions and has announced that it will request that they be withdrawn before the end of the year, in Greece and Cyprus they are reluctant to support measures on crude oil and Italy’s position could be altered after the elections of the Sunday. And when that question was raised with Sánchez, he assured that he does not perceive a division in Europe. “On the contrary & rdquor ;, he has said. “From my point of view European unity is resounding and comes out strengthened by Putin’s words & rdquor ;.

    “It is evident that we are 27. We have to sit down, talk, negotiate…& rdquor ;, he also admitted. “But there have been discrepancies on other occasions and we have reached agreements.”

    UN reform

    In that meeting with the press, Sánchez has also alluded to something that he has not mentioned in his speech, in which he has shown his “confidence in the strength & rdquor; of the UN “to face challenges that do not understand borders & rdquor ;, but what leaders of many other countries, including the president of the United States, Joe Biden, have spoken about before the General Assembly: the need for reforms. The right to veto of the permanent members of the Security Council has been raising blocks for some time, including the one that Russia has achieved from actions for its invasion of Ukraine. And Sánchez in statements to journalists has assured that “it is It is clear that we need to reform the United Nations system& rdquor ;, proposing that this reform be carried out “step by step, articulating concrete proposals to make it more efficient and don’t get frustrated”.

    the sahara

    In his speech before the UN, Sánchez has also addressed a thorny issue for his government that he has tiptoed through: the Occidental Sahara. Half a year after taking a historic turn by backing Morocco’s autonomy plan for that territory for the first time, the president has said that “Spain supports a mutually acceptable political solutionwithin the framework of the Charter of the United Nations and the resolutions of the Security Council & rdquor ;.

    The president has also promised that “Spain will continue to support the Saharawi population in the camps.”

    Two days earlier the Moroccan Prime Minister, Aziz Ajanuch, had defended in his speech before the Assembly his proposal for the autonomy of the Sahara as “the only solution” possible and also as “a realistic and fair solution to the problem & rdquor ;, which he had branded as “artificial regional conflict & rdquor ;.


    One of the specific announcements in his speech was that Spain will contribute 100 million euros over the next three years for organizations working in gender equalityespecially about reproductive and sexual rights.

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    It was an announcement that came after talking about “global threats to the sexual and reproductive freedom of women & rdquor; and point to the “fragility” of conquests in this field, which has said “victims of a unexplained involution in some advanced democracies in the XXI century & rdquor ;. It was a clear reference, although without expressly citing it, to the situation in USA, where this year the Supreme Court struck down the constitutional protection of the right to abortion. “We live in times when claiming the obvious is revolutionary”, Sánchez said.

    Latin America

    The president, who the day before had held his first bilateral meeting with his Chilean counterpart, Gabriel Boric, and had also coincided in another act with the Colombian, Gustavo Petro, has also shown before the UN the “bet” of Spain for Latin America and the Caribbean. “They have a fundamental role to play in the world, starting with the defense of democracy & rdquor ;, assured Sánchez, who has underlined the need to give “international support & rdquor; to the region.