GET ROLLIN’, Nickelback’s new tenth album, was released on November 18th. The rock band announced their record with statements such as “We are ready for the world to hate us again”.

    The band on the production: “I think we’ve softened a bit”

    Singer Chad Kroeger has explained to “Audacy”.that he was ready for the uproar: “You know, we joke about it all the time. I say, ‘I’m ready for the world to hate us again’. Ryan says that all the time, ‘I think we’ve softened a bit.’ The hookup works because there are so many people on this side of music all asking the same thing. It’s a Nickelback record, it’s just like every other Nickelback record. It fluctuates and flows, there are ups and downs. Everything is the same as always. You get your Photograph, you get Far Away, but you also get Side Of A Bullet.’”

    In the past, the band has been condemned for sometimes glorifying sexism, abusiveness and violence in their lyrics. Read more about why many listeners are critical of Nickelback’s music.

    Hear the new work here: