Status: 09/23/2022 07:44 a.m

    At the start of the 3rd game day in the NFL, the Cleveland Browns defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday evening (09/22/2022) by 29:17 (7:0, 6:14, 3:0, 13:3).

    quarterback Jacoby Brissett led Cleveland for the second win of the season. Brissett had two touchdowns at 29:17 and did not miss a pass.

    Brissett is a stopgap for the Browns, who signed Deshaun Watson to a five-year, $230 million contract. Due to an eleven-game ban from the NFL, Watson can’t play against his former team, the Houston Texans, until November at the earliest. He had been sued by 24 women for sexual abuse.

    Steelers rookie Pickens with spectacular catch

    But George Pickens provided the action of the game. The rookie from the Steelers spectacularly caught a pass that was actually too long with his right arm stretched out wide and pulled it to himself. Pickens was reminiscent of a legendary catch by Odell Beckham junior in 2014, the scene ran up and down the internet.

    For the Steelers, it was the second loss in three games of the season in the first season after the retirement of NFL veteran Ben Roehtlisberger. His replacement as quarterback, Mitchell Trubisky, made 20 of his 32 passes to a teammate and scored a touchdown himself.