The German Swimming Association will be led by a dual leadership in the future. As the DSV announced, Wolfgang Rupieper and Kai Morgenroth will manage the association together. The previous president Marco Troll did not stand for election at the general meeting in Kassel.

    The 75-year-old Rupieper was last Vice President, Morgenroth had previously held this office.

    “This is not a new beginning here. We don’t have to rebuild everything, we just have to finish a lot. Based on my experience, I can get in immediately and push the issue of finance,” said Morgenroth according to the announcement.

    Rupieper emphasized the trusting relationship between the two. According to the statutes, both are elected for the next four years.

    Rupieper promised a systematic and transparent review of allegations of sexualized violence by an independent review commission. The former water jumper Jan Hempel had made serious allegations against the association in this context in the summer.