The will to sell the male and female franchises of Phoenix announced in a press release. The owner had been banned for 12 months and fined $ 10 million

    Robert Sarver, owner of the Phoenix Suns, puts the franchise up for sale. Even the women’s one, the Wnba Mercury. He announces it with a bitter communiqué, forced by the scandal that led to his suspension for 12 months decreed by the NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver. Sarver has owned the Suns for 17 years, two seasons ago his team played the Finals, losing to Milwaukee, last season he exhibited the best NBA record in regular season. Sarver had been sanctioned a few days ago with disqualification and a $ 10 million fine, from a league investigation originating from an Espn article in which he was accused of racism, sexism and inappropriate conduct towards some employees.

    The words

    “As a man of faith I believe in atonement and forgiveness. I expected the 12-month stoppage to give me time to make amends and remove the shadow of my personal controversies from the team that our fans and I love so much. The current ruthless climate has become painfully clear that this is not possible. That all the good I can do or have done is overwhelmed by what I have said in the past. For these reasons, I begin the process of selling Suns and Mercury. pento obscure almost two decades of organizing a franchise that has brought together so many people in Arizona, thanks to men’s and women’s basketball. ” They are words of remorse, regret and anger. Sarver did not receive any criminal convictions, but the media outrage found him guilty without appeal. And the NBA has done everything to move on permanently.

    The accusations

    Espn’s accusatory story dates back to November 2021. The investigation that followed established that the 60-year-old from Tucson repeated the word ne..o over the course of his years as owner at least 5 times in reference to what has already been said by others. . In addition, Sarver allegedly made sexist comments, as well as inappropriate comments relating to the appearance of some of his employees. Behaviors that were enough to keep Sarver away from the Suns. He had no choice. Sponsors had publicly threatened not to renew expiring contracts, and the most influential players, James, Paul and Draymond Green, had clamored to be kicked out. Jahm Najafi, minority owner of the Suns, had also called for the removal of Sarver, who knows if to replace him or to support another consortium that has not yet come into the open. We will know soon.

    The previous

    He is the second NBA owner forced to leave his franchise after facing public accusations of racism. It had already happened to Donald Sterling, then owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, who in 2014 had passed his hand to Steve Ballmer after a thunderous scandal complete with telephone recordings of his inappropriate words that had become inexorable accusations about the ethics of behavior. of him. Now history repeats itself. The Suns, the team of Chris Paul and Devin Booker, one of the favorites to the title for the 2022-23 season, find themselves with an owner exposed to the public mockery and forced to leave. The Suns, like the Clippers, have never won an NBA title. Scandals of this type do not help to defeat the curse, or perhaps they explain it …