National coach Hansi Flick regrets the negative effects of the controversial World Cup in Qatar (November 20 to December 18).

    “Basically, I think it’s a shame that this tournament won’t be a World Cup for fans,” said the 57-year-old in an interview with the Frankfurter Rundschau and the “RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland”.

    According to Flick, he has many acquaintances “who would like to fly to Qatar, but choose not to for a variety of reasons”.

    They couldn’t afford the massive prices, the situation for homosexuals, for example, was unacceptable, and there were human rights violations because minorities were being excluded. “Football should be there for everyone. That’s why I say: It’s not a World Cup for the normal fan,” explained Flick.

    A political statement by the national team in Qatar is “a challenge for everyone involved,” said Flick, “we have already had many discussions to inform the team as best we can. We will sit down again in September and consider what we can possibly do together with other nations and teams, can and want to do.”