Despite its name, Miss Helsinki New Era is not a beauty pageant.

    The Miss Helsinki competition was renewed this year and the winners of the competition in 2018 became the pilots Janna-Juulia Vuorela and known for the Miss Finland competition Mirella Merivirta.

    When the finalists were introduced, they talked about their business dreams, which they intend to realize with the help of the competition. The Miss Helsinki New Era competition teaches, among other things, how to set up your own company and how to create your own personal brand on social media.

    One question comes to mind for the site follower: is Miss Helsinki a beauty contest anymore?

    – This is no longer the case. This is a business and entrepreneurship competition. That misssey was almost completely eliminated from this competition. In no way do you put beauty first, you don’t compare measurements or anything else, Vuorela explains.

    – We have completely new winds and new criteria to evaluate. The red thread has changed, adds Merivirta.

    Janna-Juulia Vuorela and Mirella Merivirta have completely renewed the Miss Helsinki competition. Henri Kärkkäinen

    Although the Miss Helsinki title is still in use, the final part of the competition’s new name, New Era, refers to a new era. Dresses have changed to suits.

    – Of course, the name Miss Helsinki has a lot of history and it was definitely still included in the competition, Vuorela explains the decision behind the name.

    Merivirta states that contestants in pageant contests often end up specifically as entrepreneurs or small business owners, e.g. Now the competition gives concrete keys to these jobs.

    – This was a natural continuation. We want to benefit from this. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time.


    Last week, the competition got into the middle of an uproar when one of the judges of the competition, an entrepreneur in the beauty industry Elia Leino withdrew from the competition. The same was done by Leino’s company Kohokukkia Oy, which was supposed to be a partner of the competition.

    Vuorela and Merivirta say they support Leino’s decision.

    – It was a decision in line with Elia’s values, what do we have to say against it, Vuorela states.

    Leino announced that he was leaving the competition for another partner, the underwear brand Change Lingerie. She said that, as a transgender, she does not want her or her company to be associated with Change Lingerie’s activities. Change has previously made headlines for its discriminatory treatment of transgender people.

    The rights of sexual and gender minorities are an important part of the competition’s values. Henri Kärkkäinen

    Vuorela and Merivirta originally wanted Leino to participate in the competition precisely to represent gender and sexual minorities. In Vuorela’s opinion, it would have been a great sign of forgiveness if both Leino and Change Lingerie had participated in the competition together.

    The organizers of the competition do not feel that keeping Change involved as a partner would be in conflict with the values ​​of the competition.

    – We have talked with Change and they have said that everyone is welcome in their stores. We believe and respect this. We value all partners, Vuorela states.

    Vuorela and Merivirta state that naturally trans women are also welcome to compete for the title of Miss Helsinki. When they are asked if the competition would perhaps be opened to all genders in the future, they are mysterious.

    – It remains to be seen. We have a direction, but not revealed yet.

    The age limit for the competition is also planned to be raised even further. The current age range is between 20 and 30 years old.

    – You can trust that they are serious here, Merivirta justifies the higher age of the competitors.

    Ten finalists compete for the title of Miss Helsinki. Henri Kärkkäinen