The mother of the Dear Children series is played by Miitta Sorvali.

    In the new series, the adult daughters return to their childhood home, where the writer mother lives with her 35-year-old son. Over

    Regina Vallas is a great Finnish children’s author. Miitta Sorvalin the slyly acting character has five children, one of whom is getting married in the opening episode of the new Dear Children drama-comedy.

    At the same time, Elina changes her name to Melena, which means blood diarrhea in hospital language. Kaisa, who is successful as a doctor in the USA, reveals it to her siblings. In addition, the family includes the exhausted Mari, whom Regina describes as her biggest disappointment, and Noora, who thinks she is hiding her divorce from everyone. The fifth child, his mother’s favorite Edvin Eino Apollo Aurinkopoikka, lives alone in the manor’s attic. He doesn’t land there until the fourth episode, but he does receive well-known guests even before that. Bishop Teemu Laajasalo happens to visit the village just as Regina has returned home from the hospital after suffering from a stroke. Therefore, adult children, i.e. female children, reluctantly take responsibility for both their mother and their childhood home.

    Miitta Sorvali plays Regina Valla, who is admired by many. His own daughters can’t stand him. Over

    Even though Regina is on the mend, she is by no means vulnerable or comfortable. He is very perceptive, but he constantly hurts his daughters on purpose. Only the meatball-loving Edvin, the model for his successful book series, is perfect. Now, though, the book series is coming to an end, as Regina starts writing a generational novel about her own family. He promises that it will be a brutally honest and erotic work. The publisher suspects that Regina’s audience, i.e. minor children, is not ready for it yet, but as usual, Regina cares little about other people’s opinions.

    Former Elina, or current Melina, gets married for the third time in the series. The separation from Tuure will come two weeks after the wedding day. Over

    In addition to Miitta Sorval, the new series features those who remember Siskonpedi Sanna Stellan Elina-Melena, Pirjo Heikkilä double single Kaisana, Krisse Salminen TV celebrity Noorana and Niina Lahtinen Marina who can’t say no. Lahtinen has also scripted the series together Anna Brotkin and Anna Dahlman with. Dahlman also has a double role: he is also the director. Aurinkopoika plays Edvin Joonas Nordman.

    Noora participates with her ex-husband in the filming of the Miiko Toiviainen show, Pajama älle, and falls into a desperate act to hide the end of their 15-year relationship. Over

    Dear children today on TV1 at 20:00 & Areena. See all TV programs and broadcast times in Telku’s TV guide.