THEce ice Baby… Welcome back to 1980, in a glamorous holiday promenade, which could be an imaginary one Beverly Hills, maybe Miami, or maybe Monte Carlo that it was. Shopping direction, then, beach club, ladies! For the show Moschino SS 2023the creative director Jeremy Scott plays a beauty look which celebrates the “singular feminine”, made of passion and pure life, light and joyful, despite everything.

    Moschino SS 2023, the beauty of vamps on vacation

    If the dresses let themselves be embraced by inflatable swans, the longuette by strategic floating donuts, and the headdresses are uncovered inflatables gadgets, is there‘hairstyle the fulcrum of beauty fun: the team ghd, with the creative direction of master Sam McKnighthe achieved sophisticated banana sleek cropsfrom the look powerful.

    There is over an hour of work for cancel the lengths in very tight spirals that align the hair in androgynous heads. Some hidden under an umbrella hat, some, pop to the nth degree. Ornate of a waving tail, stopped by a small elastic that is actually an inflatable donut. Could he miss the detail?

    ghd x Moschino ss 2023 (photo courtesy ghd)

    «I was inspired by couture models and by muses of photos by Irving Penn to recreate bright and flawless looks, without a hair out of place thanks to ghd tools. The looks are complemented by hats or whimsical life jackets. For me, fashion is synonymous with fun and Moschino is so to the nth degree “he says Sam McKnight, Celebrity Hairstylist.

    Backstage at the Moschino SS 2023 fashion show (photo iO Donna)

    Fundamental, the ghd tail comb comb with which to pick up and manage the sections of the hair, but also ghd perfect ending, modeling styling spray. In line up, touch-ups in spikes and wisps think the cordless portable styler, ghd unplugged.

    Hairstylist Sam mcKnight in the backstage of the Moschino SS 2023 fashion show (photo courtesy ghd)

    Red, what a red

    At the make up, the Mulac Cosmetics team, led by master Kabuki, puts all the mastery into play to create flawless red lips from Pin Up, some ultra matte, others glossed with sparkling light. Lipstick? Cheri, by Mulac.

    Backstage at the Moschino SS 2023 fashion show (photo iO Donna)

    Mouth that does not exclude one equally powerful look, black smoke, elongated in contemporary Eighties style. And the final aesthetic is “so Moschino”, that of the origins of the Franco and Rossella Jardini brand, made of reds and blacksof whites and golds, opulent and playful, always and in any case.

    Backstage at the Moschino SS 2023 fashion show (photo iO Donna)

    Red carpet hands

    Amy have you seen Oscar? It is the name of the nail varnish, that looks sampled perfectly with the lips, that dyes the manicures, signed OPI. Inspiration, of course, red carpet. The most prestigious ones, both mentioned between the lines of the name of the nuance (Amy will be for Emmys?).

    «A red for sure bold, sexy, biting like the Moschino woman, who dares a lot and is playful without ever losing her sophistication », explains OPI nail artist Massimo Albini.