Maxime Meiland is still critical of Muslim women who wear headscarves. “It is of course completely, in my opinion, back in time,” said the reality star of SBS 6.

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    The Meilandjes came under heavy fire in the fall because of statements by Erica Meiland about Islam. She described women in burqas as ‘penguins’. “I once saw three of those penguins walking down the Hoofdstraat in Noordwijk. That’s not normal is it? Just don’t do it here,” she muttered. “I am in favor of a burqa ban. Fuck off with your burqa.”

    Maxime critical of Islam

    Daughter Maxime stepped in for Erica: “She thinks wearing the headscarf is insane. Which also makes sense because why does a woman have to hide her hair because men have a problem with their sexuality. In this way, the woman becomes the victim again.”

    Since they think the same about women with headscarves, Maxime didn’t want to distance herself from her mother’s penguin statements. It was subsequently massively canceled by collaborating companies.

    No regrets

    Maxime now tells in an interview with Robbert Rodenburg, Anna Nooshin’s best friend, that she has no regrets. “No,” she says resolutely. “I do think that we can say how we think about something, such as a certain religion.”

    Robbert thinks the penguin statements go too far. “But you do agree with me afterwards that what she says there, that that is actually not possible? That that is not possible?”

    Maxime: “Ehhh, well, you can’t… No, it’s not possible in the sense that it’s not nice. We are talking about that one piece (…) about the penguins. By the way, that was what almost everyone said twenty years ago, but hey, times have changed. That is no longer possible, I agree with that, but about her whole vision of that belief… I understand that a bit.”

    Back in time

    Erica just has a good point, Maxime thinks. “Then we’re mainly talking about the women, aren’t we? It is, of course, completely, in my opinion, back in time. Just like what you had with Christianity, by the way, huh?”

    Robbert: “Yes, but I think that is a choice, a certain belief, and I think you should let those people be free in that at that time.”

    Maxime: “Yes, but is it a choice?”

    Robbert: “Yes, but of course that is ultimately up to them. To those women who choose it. There are also many women in the world who choose to consciously wear a headscarf.”

    “Is it a choice?”

    Maxime is skeptical. “Of course there are, but I also think there are a lot of women who grow up with that, but you see that in all faiths. You have that in the Orthodox too. Everything that is very strict and that you are brought up in, you go along with it. That’s how the world works. Is it a choice then? So in some cases I don’t think so.”

    What does Maxime think of all the criticism she has received? “I think it irritates me rather than makes me very sad. Why does everyone always have so much hate (meaning envy and hate, ed.) at each other. I also have the feeling that it has gotten worse in the last year and a half.”

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