On the occasion of the premiere of ‘Blonde’ on Netflixthe film by Andrew Dominiken in which the Hispanic-Cuban Anne of Arms comes out more than graceful of the difficult challenge of giving life neither more nor less than the myth of Marilyn Monroe, hollywood and fashion icon, we review here five of the dresses who immortalized Norma Jeane Bakerthe real name of the actress (including that of the ‘Happy Birthday, Mr. President’ that a few months ago destroyed the ‘socialite’ Kim Kardashian).

    With her platinum hair, mole on her cheek and stunning smile, Marilyn redefined classic industry glamour, giving it a touch of sensuality like never seen before. His outfits on and off the big screen marked an era and are still talked about today. Here is a small sample of them.

    The white dress on the subway

    billy wilder rolled one of the famous movie scenes. In ‘Temptation lives above’ (1955), Marilyn, with her white dress and vertigo necklinestands casually on the subway gratings and the suburban air makes her skirt fly while she modestly tries to lower it, showing her legs. Who has not tried, in vain, to imitate that moment? The model, a design of William Travilla, it may be the most iconic dress of Marilyn (and in the history of cinema). Although the editor of ‘Vogue’ Diana Vreland dared to say that Travilla did not design the dress but bought it already finished, he always maintained the authorship of the famous cocktail dress in ivory color of course, in georgette crepe, and very much in the fashion style of the 50s and 60s. halter top it had a plunging neckline and was made up of two gently pleated pieces that met behind the neck, revealing Marilyn’s shoulders, arms and back. High-waisted, her skirt, gently pleated, brushed her knees. A piece that the 20th Century Fox designer defined as “a ‘cool’ and clean garment in a dirty city”. In 2011, the famous dress was sold for $5.6 million (5.8 million euros).

    The fuchsia model that Madonna imitated

    Two years earlier, the same Travilla dressed Marilyn in another of her most memorable dresses: the Fuchsia satin fitted, belted, strapless (strapless neckline), large lace up back and long gloves which adorned with sumptuous diamonds, while performing the song ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’. to this scene of ‘Gentlemen prefer blondes’ paid tribute Madonna in 1985in the video clip of ‘material girl’. In 2010 it was auctioned and sold for $310,000 (322,000 euros).

    The ‘cut out’ sex bomb

    before the queen Letizia gave the bell this past spring with a fuchsia ‘cut out’ model only suitable for brave men with hard muscles, Marilyn already did the same many decades before. Quite ahead of her time, and a true sex bomb, in 1953 already dared with a model that was tied to the chest and that, thanks to a opening below, left in the air several centimeters of skin. The famous dress film ‘Niagara’ could be in any shop window today, with that daring neckline and a mid-lengthso fashionable in 2022. From that mythical dress of Dorothy Jeankins and Charles Le Maire Two versions were made one bright red and one hot pink. She won the second, which would become the actress’s favorite color. [ver punto 2]. High-heeled sandals and gold earrings they give him a extra ‘chic’ and timeless to one of the star’s most incredible outfits.

    A censored golden dream

    Another of the most famous dresses of the actress also wears many pleats, but this time in gold color. Although he was also a spectacular model of Travilla with a halter neck and a huge V-neckline, but with an ankle-length skirt, it did not pass the cut of the Hollywood censors. He was banned for “too sexy” in ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’. Months later, and despite the opposition of the designer himself, Marilyn donned it for the ceremony of Photoplay Awards.

    The jewel that Kim Kardashian broke

    The most commented of the last MET gala was the dress that Kim Kardashian wore, precisely one of Marilyn’s most desired models. With him, the sensual actress sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to John F. Kennedy at her 45th birthday party, just a few months before the artist died of an overdose. For the great New York fashion event, the ‘socialite’ went on a diet a few weeks before to lose seven kilos and get into that nude silk artwork with 2,500 hand-sewn crystals that Marilyn had just had her stitches put on, shortly before the performance at Madison Square Garden; because the idea was that she fit as much as a second skin. that mythical ‘naked dress’ based on a sketch by Bob Mackie for the French-born Hollywood costume designer Jean-Louis caused a stir six decades ago for marking all the curves of the actress from ‘With skirts and crazy’, who was 1.66 meters tall and had the following measurements: 88 centimeters bust; 55, waist, and 88 hip. Although shorter, Kardashian is much wider in the hips. “When I saw that it didn’t fit me I wanted to cry because the original can’t be changed at all,” she explained. She only wore a few minutes at the gala, and she didn’t even finish zipping up, but Kardashian still burst the seams of the most expensive dress in history (was auctioned in 2016 for 4.8 million).