María del Monte has always been one of the artists in our country who has protected her private life the most. Perhaps not so much for her, but for not seeing the people who were by her side suffer, fundamental pillars of her life who have been until the last moment and who have not separated from her for a single minute. And not precisely because these personal aspects were harmful, but because those details could be used to hurt.

    Today, the singer has been the protagonist in the Seville Gay Pride and has given a speech with which she has completely moved us… especially when He has confessed before all his followers as he had never done before. Without mincing words, María has made it clear what her sexual condition is and has claimed freedom and respect: “I don’t care, what I don’t want is for the people I love to suffer. I want you to know before get out of here that I am one more person of those who are here… and of course, my partner is here this afternoon/evening”.

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    Some words that have moved all those present and with which he has obtained the ovation of all of them. Proud and proud, María has the support of many people who have followed her since she began in the musical field and who have never cared about her sentimental relationships or such private details of her life.

    In this way, the flamenco singer has spoken from the heart about her sexual orientation, making it clear that the message was not that, but the importance of having freedom so that everyone can love whoever they want with the respect that all human beings deserve.