Marcus Mumford’s solo album SELF TITLED will be released on September 16th. In the sometimes shockingly open songs, the Mumford And Sons singer addresses, among other things, the sexual abuse he suffered as a child. Nevertheless, Mumford looks back on the recording process positively. “I’ve never felt such a level of fulfillment after completing a project as I do now,” he told the “NME”.

    In particular, working on the single “Cannibal”, which deals directly with the experience of abuse, was emotional for him. “In the last ten minutes that we’re mixing the song, I hear the lyrics over and over again – ‘Help me know how to begin again…’. And I’m just starting to fucking cry my eyes out for the first time in the process of making this album,” Mumford said. But that was very healthy for him: “I had an emotional breakthrough instead of a breakdown because I have this deep sense of fulfillment.”

    The honesty of the song gave him the courage to open up more in other songs as well, and his producer Blake Wilkins encouraged him to do so. “Blake and I kept talking about that moment, we said, ‘Look, you’ve been so honest in this song, let’s try to find that same spirit and honesty in the other songs as well.'”

    Mumford says just the fact that he was able to write the song is a good sign. “When ‘Cannibal’ came out, I got a bunch of texts from friends saying, ‘Shit… are you ok?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I am…I wouldn’t have released the song if I was going through that the first time.’ Part of his healing process has included talking and singing about it. “I’m not reliving it when I talk about it. And that’s a real difference, because when I first talked about it, it was like real PTSD.”

    Marcus Mumford has released four albums with his band Mumford & Sons. The current DELTA was published in 2018.