A 58-year-old man from Sleeuwijk is given 100 hours of community service and a contact ban for stalking his ex-girlfriend. This has been determined by the court in Breda. The man harassed his ex for almost ten months after she ended their relationship. He sent her flower arrangements, called her and wrote her threatening letters. She also received a funeral card in which he wrote ‘You’re going to die, whore’.

    Shortly after the woman broke up with the man, his heart started to hurt. He watched the trial from a wheelchair. His health problems have resulted in a lower sentence for the man.

    flower arrangements
    After the breakup, the man contacted his ex-girlfriend. He himself still had feelings for the woman. He wanted to know why the relationship was over. Finally, his ex-girlfriend indicated in March 2020 that she no longer wanted contact with him. Still, the man continued to contact her. It became even more extreme: he also sent several flower arrangements to the woman.

    That was ultimately the reason for the local police officer to enter into a so-called stop conversation with the man. In that conversation, the officer told the man to stop, but that did not stop the former truck driver from continuing to stalk the woman.

    “You’re going to die, whore”
    The woman eventually decided to get a new phone number, but that didn’t help either. The woman also began to receive letters in which she was verbally abused. Her attacker also made a lot of gross, sexually tinted remarks. The woman also received a funeral card with the text ‘You’re going to die, whore’. Her parents also received threatening letters.

    Earlier there was also talk about a dead guinea pig that would have been placed in front of the woman’s door. The man denies that he did that because he loves animals. He was not convicted on that point.

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