Legal scholars have spent a couple of decades analyzing what they call the compulsory law. As they have verified, real-time information mixed with political populism gives rise to an excess of legislative activity that ends up generating an increase in regulations that are very often difficult to comply with. Legislating, in addition to being popular, is often the cheapest because, from the outset, it does not require allocating more resources for public policies. The law of integral guarantee of sexual freedom that journalism has baptized as the law of only yes is yes comes into force. This law is a response that some may consider compulsive to the exculpatory sentence of the multiple violation of the so-called pack case. The judges came to say that only an explicit refusal protects women from getting rid of a savage rape. Therefore, the answer is that only explicit consent can be considered an agreement. And everything else is denial. Reaching that casuistry that the new law arrives deserves the ridicule of many. But reality prevails.

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