bhate auction on the Net. And if no one can stop it, independent actions try. It started, to continue until the symbolic day against violence against women on November 25, countryside #EioTiPubblico launched by the former Speaker of the Chamber Laura Boldrini. «Against violence against women we show screenshots of those who persecute us on social networks».

    Violence against women, Laura Boldrini launches the campaign to unmask haters on the internet

    Boldrini: Do you offend me online? #EioTiPubblico

    To sign it without thinking for a moment many other women, from Ilaria Cucchi to Michela Murgiafrom Arise to Nina Zilli, from Maria Elena Boschi to Laura Ravettoall targets for years of armies of haters on their social channels who use this new form of violence created by a hate speech and of sexism.

    “They are words, apparently they don’t leave bruises, but they hurt an equal measure and sow irreparable damage”, writes Laura Boldrini presenting the initiative through which will post screenshots of the insults, terriblewhich he receives every day, also adding the names and surnames of the attackers.

    The Speaker of the Chamber Laura Boldrini launches the campaign against keyboard haters

    Violence against women is also online

    “There violence by men against women it is a social scourge that has many faces: the physical onewhich goes through mistreatment and arrives at feminicide. The psychological onetending to demean and humiliate. The cheap onewhich takes away autonomy and freedom» explains Boldrini in his post on Instagram.

    And he adds: «And then there is new generation violence which has the face of hate speech, sexism and misogyny online. There are too many women who, on the web and on social networks, are target of threats, profanity, shitstorming, anger, unheard-of aggression».

    Boldrini: «we will publish the names and surnames of the haters»

    But since not everyone wants to report, or the economic possibility of facing criminal action against those haters who sow violence on the Net covered by their keyboards, Boldrini proposes an alternative. To do the screenshots of the insults and violent comments received and then disseminate them through their pages.

    «You, hater, do you offend me and humiliate me on social networks thinking of going unnoticed? And I, not only don’t step on it, but I turn on a spotlight on your smut and publish you, with name and surnameAnd. Do it too. Let’s all do it together. Let’s set in motion a collective chain of indignation and accompany each of our denunciation posts with the hashtag #EioTiPubblico».

    Politicians, singers and activists: together against the haters on the Net

    Next to Laura Boldrini, from today they will publish the screenshots of their persecutors, politicians, singers, journalists, activists, writers. From Ilaria Cucchi, to Arisa, Emma MarroneFrancesca Barra, Michela Murgia, Maria Elena Boschi, Monica Cirinnà, Vera Gheno, Teresa Bellanova, Lucia AzzolinaFederica Angeli, Tiziana Ferrario, Rula Jebreal, Porpora Marcasciano, Lia Quartapelle, Laura Ravetto, Deborah Serracchiani, Nina Zilli, Monica Romano, Matilde Siracusano.

    Alongside the women, various associations will also join direct targets of hate on the web for their daily action in defense of rights. From Arcigay to Differenza Donna, from Giulia Giornaliste to Rebel Network, from One Billion Rising Italia to Crisi-Come-Opportunità, from Assist to Give voice to respect.

    Because there isn’t just one type of violence, there are different ones and the psychological one still has a great destructive force. This is why the campaign, created to react to these violent methods without being forced to leave social networks.