In 2017, “House Of Cards” collapsed like a house of cards. Kevin Spacey has been forced to leave the show over sexual assault allegations. Now things are going downhill for him. The actor has to pay the producers $30 million in damages.

    Judge Mel Red Recana’s verdict runs 14 pages. The summary: Kevin Spacey clearly violated contractual agreements. His behavior on the set is said to have ignored “company policies to protect against harassment”. His victims are said to have been young crew members.

    Expensive changes were necessary

    Spacey’s expulsion then led to considerable problems. The necessary restructuring is said to have brought the production company a “significant loss”, as was proven in court. The screenplay had to be completely rewritten without the main character Frank Underwood, who played Spacey. It was also necessary to shorten the episodes.

    Serious allegations

    Kevin Spacey is said to have sexually abused a number of young men for several years. The allegations became known in the course of the “Me Too” debate and severely restricted the 63-year-old’s acting career.

    Kevin Spacey appeared in court in London in July. He is charged with four assaults against three men between 2005 and 2013. Spacey denies the allegations.