S.without chemicals there is no story. If there is no chemistry it is a disaster. Chemistry, which for us is the science that studies matter, for those who make films, and above all for those who make comedies, it is the material to be created from scratch to build dreams that shun all vagueness and, indeed, function like Swiss watches.

    Director Ol Parker with Julia Roberts and George Clooney on the set of Ticket to Paradise.

    George + Julia and… Kaitlyn Dever

    If there is a choice that brings together all the laws of nature, this is certainly it the union of George + Julia. Four films together, plus a few remnants, Clooney and Roberts – two superstars now in the position of being very selective (her last film is four years ago) – they have developed in two decades of work and, according to them, friendship a chemistry of laboratory technicians.

    Their brilliance overflows from the set to the press conferences, to the rare interviews they grant (they made the journalist of the New York Times when to her statement, “a comedy that made me fall out of my chair”, he replied “you would have broken your hip”. The reporter could not stop himself from tweeting the sound in which Julia laughs: “A shot of serotonin”). But Hollywood law, perversely flawless when it comes to creating the right mix, demanded for the ultimate romantic comedy a generational gap.

    Kaitlyn Dever and Maxime Bouttier.

    Ticket to Paradisein cinemas from 6 October, stages a couple of exes, Julia and George, who didn’t even have time to get to the seventh year crisis. In the meantime, however, Lily was born which, by graduating, provides a golden opportunity to bring mom and dad back into the same shot. The drawback is offered by a trip to Bali with her best friend in which she falls in love with a charming algae farmer (the new professions!) And decides to trade a business suit on Wall Street for paradise in pareo. Paradise that risks becoming hell for reasons that are discovered by going to the cinema.

    George downloaded the materials

    Lily couldn’t be just any actress. Talent and fortitude are two fundamental requisites to withstand the time marked by George + Julia. And the 25-year-old from Phoenix, Arizonato iO Woman he never tires of repeating what an incredible masterclass it was to work with the golden couple, and how pleasant: «George helped the technicians download the materials, there was an atmosphere of great relaxation and collaboration».

    The film directed by the British Ol Parker that he had in the curriculum Mamma Mia! Here we go again uses the same formula, minus the Abba: exotic context and re-marriage comedy, an old Hollywood workhorse. Here too, as in Scandal in Philadelphia or Susanna!there is a couple that the audience can’t wait to reconnect, but if then the energy of Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant filled the screen, today the chemistry is made up of multivitamin complexes.

    George Clooney and Julia Roberts in “Ticket to Paradise”

    And Kaitlyn Devershy in interviews (she keeps her arms folded and tightened like in a job interview), she is actually a very energetic choice. Child prodigy, she has been an actress since the age of five and, unlike Jodie Foster and Brooke Shields, it seems trauma-free. If the film tells of parents who do everything to sabotage their daughter’s happiness, her – she says – have always supported her. Her enough to leave Phoenix for Dallas, where at nine he enrolled in the Young Actors Studioand then to Los Angeles where he made his debut in TV series, and then in cinema crossing their path with people like Clint Eastwood and Kathryn Bigelow“I was so young, but very sure of myself and my future,” Dever recalls.

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    Kaitlyn Dever: 37 movies and series in 13 years

    Kaitlyn Dever at the world premiere of “Ticket to Paradise” at the Odeon Luxe Leicester Square in London on September 7, 2022. (Photo by Jeff Spicer / Getty Images for Universal)

    “And I expressed it forcefully, with rather dramatic tones. My sister also had similar wishes to mine and I remember that we were always listened to carefully. If it wasn’t like that, I wouldn’t be here, sitting with her today. It was not taken for granted that they took me seriously, it is rare that children are given credit on big things like life choices. But even then I was imitating people, playing different characters, I liked making my parents laugh! And they laughed a lot and didn’t look down on me, but they were also a little worried. They said to me: “We are with you, but you must know that it will be hard. Many will tell you no ”. And it was like that ». Looking at Kaitlyn Dever’s resume, you honestly don’t know where she took the time to be told no. Thirty-seven between films and series in 13 years of workonly in 2022 will two come out: in addition to Ticket to Paradise you will see it in Rosalinea prequelwe could say, in the form of a comedy of the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet, from the point of view of the ex of Romeo, left at the time of the meeting with the Capulet. It must be said that Kaitlyn’s sympathetic parents, even if they were not around, were still part of the varied world of American entertainment, being both figure skaters and that her father has lent the voice to the puppet Barney, the dinosaur for at least a five-year period. purple color.

    Comedies and dramas of Kaitlyn Dever

    But if children need puppets, adults need romantic comedies, a genre that is less and less popular, perhaps linked to a season that the new generations consider archived: “Yet I grew up with those films,” explains Dever. “Those atmospheres, the brilliance of the dialogues, the crackling relationships between the sexes and those dominant female figures, so self-confident, ah, Katharine Hepburn! When I read the script for Ticket to Paradise I immediately felt it would change the mood of a lot of people. The last two years have been traumatic, we have come out confused, we need something that makes us feel better, that lightly stimulates parts of the brain that have been inactive for too long ».

    She knows it well, that real life dramas handled them superbly, with Dopesick, This year’s Emmy nominated TV series, in which she plays a proletarian with an opioid addiction, and with Unbelievablein which she is a young woman who survived a rape. Unbelievable was also screened on Capitol Hill: screening with debate, as it once was. But the arguing was Senators from the United States Congress. She believes in the transformative power of cinema (and TV), we ask her, she happens to choose stories and causes with an activist’s attitude? «Inspire people, provide knowledge: I choose things to do with these ideas always in mind. Cinema and TV can be incredibly powerful ». And in mind she also has the idea that it’s always possible to change your life like her character does Ticket to Paradise? Arms folded: “I don’t know, but I can imagine myself doing like her … If I find the right person.”