Juve, the new capital gains trial on Monday: the season is decided

The return to the Federal Court of Appeal for the reformulation of the penalty, decided by the Coni Guarantee College, will decide whether or not to qualify for the next European cups. With consequences also on the second line and on the UEFA investigation

Juventus’ season is still 16 days long, those remaining until the last day of the championship against Udinese. Having exhausted the hunt for a trophy to put on the showcase this season with empty hands, the focus moves on to European qualification for next year. But it’s not just played on the field.


No Italian Cup final for the Lady, eliminated by Inter. No Europa League final, eliminated yesterday by Sevilla, always in the semifinals. Not to mention that in the Champions League Juve didn’t even reach the elimination stage, and the championship was virtually already over in October even before the searches, the investigation, the earthquake at the top and the penalty. Yet one final remains to be played this season. And it’s off the field: Monday in the Federal Court of Appeal, for a new ruling on capital gains after the cancellation of the -15 decided by the College of Guarantee.


The specter of afflictivity continues to hover around the Lady, i.e. the awareness that the sanction will be modulated to have effects, cannot be painless. Translated: already out of the fight for the Scudetto, it can mean an impact on qualification for the next Champions League or more generally for the next European cups. But, argues Juventus, already a “relegation” from second to fourth place, which in any case would allow Europe to be kept more noble, would cause damage. Cheap, about 10 million: between Lega and Uefa market pool bonuses, the second place reaches 26.9 million, which drops to 16.7 for the fourth place.


The passage to the third degree of sporting judgment had required, with referral to the federal sphere, to re-evaluate the responsibility of the club’s non-top managers, whose sporting conviction has currently been annulled, with a possible cascading redefinition also of the number of penalty points for the company. The chances of qualifying for the next European cups depend on this decision, including not only this verdict but also the cascading consequences on the second line still to be judged, the one on salary maneuvers, partnerships and agents, for which the referrals arrived just today.

And THEN there’s UEFA

Not only the Conference, but also the Europa League is not even comparable to the Champions League in terms of economic impact on the Juventus accounts for participation alone. But the loss for the coffers for next season is now taken into account: the realistic goal is to limit the damage. And having a qualification for a European cup next season that would give at least something to “sacrifice” to immediately start serving any sanctions that may also come from UEFA. That he had declared that he had opened an independent investigation into Juve, but that in fact he is still at the window waiting to see how far Italian sports justice will go.