Johnny de Mol continues to suffer from refusing talk show guests when he returns after the summer as presenter of the talk show HLF8. That is the expectation of Telegraaf journalist Kitty Herweijer.

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    The situation was untenable for Johnny de Mol when he abruptly stopped presenting HLF8 two months ago. In addition to the charges of aggravated assault and attempted manslaughter, a second woman stood up and accused him of drugging and sexual abuse. It was the drop that made the camel overflow.

    Refusing celebrities

    Especially after the leaked declaration of his ex-girlfriend Shima Kaes, Johnny had problems with celebrities who preferred not to sit with him anymore. “Of course you are with someone who is suspected of attempted murder, of course. That’s quite a thing,” said NPO presenter Emma Wortelboer, for example.

    Emma canceled her performance in the program after that leaked report. “Then he called me up to tell me his side of the story. And then I thought: well, I’m not coming after all. I just don’t feel comfortable with that.”

    ‘It remains difficult’

    Telegraaf journalist Kitty Herweijer thinks that Johnny will continue to suffer from this. The presenter has announced his return, but of course nothing has changed about his situation.

    She tells in the media podcast of the newspaper: “It seems to me that the reason why he stopped using HLF8 is that it became very difficult for the editors to get guests at the table, because at some point people don’t want to associate with it.”

    ‘Then it’s very crazy’

    That makes sense, Kitty thinks. “Ironically enough, Johnny de Mol himself also paid a lot of attention to what happened in his own family with Jeroen Rietbergen at The Voice, MeToo and he really wanted to do the right thing in that regard, it seemed.”

    She continues: “But there were often women sitting around the table who would say things like: ‘It’s important to take women seriously, to believe women.’ Then it is very strange if you suddenly do not believe the women who accuse Johnny.”

    Reputational damage

    Johnny is innocent until proven otherwise, but: “You live in a time when people themselves then choose that they no longer want to sit down there. Of course you can’t put a gun to those people’s heads. When you’re on a talk show like that, you have to get people around the table day in and day out and that just becomes difficult in such a position.”

    Celebrities who join will be seen as lookers, stars who bow to the power of Johnny’s father. So they think twice before they sit next to Johnny. “Everyone thinks of their own reputation, of course.”