08/19/2022 at 20:19


    Another cellmate already received a life sentence in 2021 in the United States after assuming the charges against him

    A United States court has condemned this Friday jihadist El Shafee Elsheikh to life imprisonment, one of four members of a group Islamic State baptized as the ‘Beatles’for his responsibility in the kidnapping and murder of several hostages, including journalist James Foley.

    The Virginia court that has heard the case has ruled against the defendant eight life sentences, after he was found guilty in April. Another cellmate, Alexanda Kotey, already received a life sentence in the United States in 2021 after assuming the charges against him.

    The Prosecutor’s Office has defended the forcefulness of this Friday’s sentence, given the how “serious” and “sadistic” were the crimes committed. The ‘Beatles’ collaborated with a network of prisons in which 26 civilian hostages from twelve different countries were held.

    In addition to Foley’s name, among the victims of this group are also those of three other Americans: aid workers Peter Kassig and Kayla Mueller and journalist Steven Sotloff. Foley’s mother has described Friday’s sentence as “an empty victory” and has remembered the four victims, according to CNN.

    The leader of the Islamic State ‘Beatles’Mohammed Emwazi, died from an American drone strike seven years agowhile this same month the British authorities arrested another member of the group, Aine Davis, after being deported by Turkey.