The deputy of the PP Marga Prohens He went up to the speaker’s rostrum in the Chamber of Congress after 6:00 p.m. and began like this, taking advantage of the fact that the Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, had intervened a few minutes before to defend the budgets of his department planned for next year and that Therefore, he was in the Chamber. “Today you should not be on the blue bench of the Government. In the same week of 25-N (international day against gender violence) it is an insult to the victims that she continues to sit here. This unprecedented fact can only be explained by her arrogance and by the inability of the president to throw her out & rdquor ;.

    The deputy has not finished here. There is the political context marked by the controversy that has been generated around the ‘only yes is yes’ law and the application that judges are making of it, in many cases lowering the sentences for those convicted of sexual crimes. Prohens, one of the PP spokespersons on equality, has asked the minister: “It is better that she not do anything else; don’t make more laws, don’t approve anything else. Where would you be if this had been approved by the Popular Party? I would be behind the banner, exalted in the streets, asking for resignations & rdquor ;.

    Alluding to the minister’s statements to El Periódico de España, from the Prensa Ibérica group, in an interview in which he disapproved of the “social alarm” that had been created around the punitive part of the norm, the deputy of the popular has highlighted: “Social alarm is not spreading reality; it is what has provoked his law and that of those who supported it. Social alarm is that you continue legislating & rdquor ;.

    After siding with the judges who are reviewing the sentences because the “law of only yes is yes” would allow it, Prohens has called this regulation the “greatest setback in the protection of women in decades & rdquor ;, which is actually a consideration made before by the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo. Prohens has demanded that the minister “abandon pride & rdquor; and listen to “the real feminists & rdquor;, or to “someone & rdquor; in general, for don’t go ahead with trans lawalready pending in Congress.

    A corollary of this intervention, in his opinion, have been these words: “A year ago I told you that you were not feminism; I tell you now that you are not even a feminist; stop making policies against women and for dignity resign today & rdquor ;.

    “Sex Obsessed”

    The dictionary of the Royal Academy defines the word “viciously & rdquor; with two meanings. The first is “furor and blind anger & rdquor; and the second, “spiteful and cruel intention & rdquor ;.

    The Vox deputy Carla Toscano He spoke a few minutes later, although not to defend his group’s amendments, since he has not generally registered any amendments to the budgets, but to defend his group’s position. And the position of his group has been made clear with expressions such as the following, always alluding to the minister, who continued to sit on her seat on the blue bench, because it is parliamentary decorum for a minister, in debates like these, stays to listen to what the opposition has to say. Vox, we said, wanted to say things like these:

    “You are the worst thing that has happened to Spain in recent years.” “It imposes the infamous gender ideology, which, like all totalitarianisms, disguises itself as freedom and equality & rdquor ;. “Her deranged feminism & rdquor ;. “Its purpose is to destroy human nature & rdquor ;. “They are sexually obsessed & rdquor ;. “The only merit you have is having studied Pablo Iglesias in depth & rdquor ;.

    The audience was already there (three representatives from the ERC, a few from the PP, others from Unidas Podemos, many from the PSOE and also from Vox, about four from Cs…) quite nervous about what was being heard, but that allusion to Pablo Iglesias, former Vice President of the Government, a partner of the minister, has been the trigger for a major brawl. This legislature is being characterized by several things, one of them, unfortunately, a level of verbal violence that the most veteran members of Congress, both veteran deputies and veteran journalists, do not remember.

    “Shame!!”, the bench of United We Can shouted, where the deputy Rafa Mayoral was one of the most angry. Those of Vox were standing up applauding their deputy, now silent. The first vice president, the socialist deputy, held the presidency during this period of the debate Alfonso Rodríguez Gómez de Celiswho has seen and desired with Vox these years.

    He was the one who directed the debate when the deputy of this formation José María Sánchez called “witch & rdquor; to Laura Berja, of the PSOE, and there was also a good mess, to the point that Celis suspended the session because he had expelled the parliamentarian after calling him to order three times. As the representative of Vox did not want to leave, the debate was stopped and Celis had to perform a parliamentary tightrope walk. Sánchez continued in the seat, but at least he accepted that the insult that he had launched should be withdrawn.

    He did something similar this Thursday. He has asked Toscano if he withdrew the expression alluding to Iglesias and the Vox deputy has said no. So Celis has decided to withdraw it, which she can do. By the way, she has called the parliamentarian to order. His intervention has continued without lowering his tone one iota, which obviously has not appeased spirits.

    “political violence”

    The minister, by virtue of the power to speak at any time in the debate, has asked to intervene from the seat. She was already excited. She has pronounced a few words that have been the following:

    “I want to request that the session log be incorporated into the political violence which is exercised at the seat of popular sovereignty; that it is not erased so that after me, no more comes. And so that it is known that feminists and democrats are more and we are going to stop this band of fascists with more rights & rdquor ;.

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    Both the deputies of the PSOE and Unidas Podemos, as well as those of the ERC, have stood up to applaud Montero, and they have been like this for a couple of minutes. The minister was moved, visibly moved. When they have finished, those of Vox have started to applaud.

    After this moment, so harsh and so unpleasant, two socialist deputies have resumed the debate, Laura Berja and Lidia Guinart, who have reviled the “machismo& rdquor; of Vox and they have disapproved of the PP agreeing with this party in Castilla y León. They have defended the Ministry’s budgets, yes, but they have not made direct allusions of support to the Minister of Equality.