Genre: detective story, drama
    Director: Steven Moffat. With Lydia West, Stanley Tucci, David Tennant, Dolly Wells, Lyndsley Marshal, Louis Olivier, Atkins Estimond, Dilan Baker, Kate Dickie, Eke Chikwu. On Netflix

    David Tennant and Dolly Wells in “Inside Man”

    “Everyone is a killer: all it takes is a good reason and a bad day.” It has been available on Netflix for a few weeks Inside Manan extremely interesting British series in terms of narrative structure and thematic issues addressed.

    Escaping the logical linearity of many narratives, thein fact, the series plays on two parallel tracks, two seemingly unrelated stories, held together by the figure of Beth Davenport (Lydia West)a young crime reporter, as ambitious as naive.

    But the real protagonists are the two men who hold up their respective narrative lines: on the one hand Jefferson Grieff (a convincing Stanley Tucci), a former criminologist sentenced to death row after murdering his wifewho lends his old skills to try to solve mysterious cases, and on the other Harry Watling (David Tennant), a Protestant priest who suddenly falls into trouble for a USB stick containing child pornography material that ended up by mistake in the hands of the son’s math tutor.

    Distant plots, yet linked together by the moral abyss that opens up before the eyes. If Jefferson’s is a slow progress towards the electric chair (accepted as morally right), Harry’s journey is the loss of any ideal purity.

    For those who love thrillers with psychological implications and the spiritual limits of blameless lives.