Strange World

    When the power supply to the paradisiacal eco-resort of Avalonia goes out, farmer Searcher and teenage son Ethan investigate the mysterious underworld that once swallowed their father and grandfather, a legendary macho adventurer. Into the animation Strange World offers enough visual pleasure: a truly eccentric universe is erected, full of wonderful plants and creatures. But the in itself praiseworthy themes – modern fatherhood, green energy, LGBTI acceptance – are glued to the story without much narrative ingenuity. And so the animation branch of the Disney concern continues to struggle, which also failed earlier this year with the Toy Storyspinoff Lightyear. Work to be done for celebrated former CEO Bob Iger, who was recalled from retirement this week.

    Strange World



    Directed by Don Hall

    102 min. In 141 (Dutch version) and 51 (original version) rooms.