Kari Väänänen reveals in her biography that she also had sex with a teacher at Teatterikorkeakoulu.

    Actor Kari Väänänen, 69, tells about his colorful student years at Teatterikorkeakoulu in his recent biography. There was a time when e-pills had freed up sex and women were also eager to finally let go.

    – We had orgies and group sex and all sorts of fun pranks. There were twos and threes, and several couples could enjoy the joys of sex in the same bed, Väänänen describes in the book.

    No one counted how many different partners you had sex with. Well, Väänänen did count. According to his words, he could be with three women on the same day, including his teacher:

    – First I woke up next to a girl and we had breakfast. Then, hungover, I went to visit my friends in Suomenlinna and by chance I met a woman who expressed her desire very clearly – and not to marry. Again, I’m going to kapakka and from there to put a representative of the teaching staff, who represented quite meritoriously all night.

    – Sometimes it felt like the whole town was going crazy, and that was probably the case, Väänänen says in his biography.

    And the orgies were not limited to the Theater Academy. According to Väänänen, a ring was formed in Helsinki’s theater circles, which “banged around the bucket in a sweet melee”.

    Väänänen says that he has always been sexually active. But he fell in love and fell in love. And then came the jacket.

    Kari Väänänen hints in her recent biography that she may have added a little more Lapland to her stories. Inka Soveri

    This happened to an actor, among others Sanna Fransmanin with. The couple also had a son, Constant. But in the end, Sanna started a relationship with a guitarist Jukka Orman with.

    – Yes, it was a hard place for me, a place where I cried, Väänänen admits.

    He later experienced heartbreak with his current wife, Terrin, with The divorce was already filed, but the divorce papers were withdrawn.

    – Terhi came home for Christmas and asked us to cancel the divorce. That was done. We cried and laughed, and now it’s good to be again, Väänänen sums up in his book.

    Before Terh, he managed to be a married actor Susanna to Roine with. Twin girls were born from the union, Hilda and Wilhelmina. The separation came in 2001.

    Kari Väänänen: As I Live (ed. Tuomas Marjamäki) will be published on October 5. It is published by Docendo.