Pontus Rasmusson’s YouTube accounts were closed in September.

    Pontus Rasmussen’s accounts were closed.

    One of Sweden’s most popular tube players, Pontus Rasmusson24, was fired from YouTube in September.

    – After review, we have closed the account because it violated our child safety policies, which prohibits content that sexualizes minors, YouTube representative Zayna Aston argued at the time.

    Svenska Dagbladet reported at the time, how Pontus had long been criticized for the fact that the content of his account is inappropriate for the target group, i.e. children.

    Now Pontus has commented on his behavior For SVT’s Lilla Aktuellt program.

    According to him, it’s not about sex, he just has “a twinkle in his eye”.

    – I’m quite a flirtatious person. Maybe I’ll post a picture where I smile a little and send a heart. But that doesn’t mean anything other than that I’m flirtatious.

    Pontus says that he doesn’t mind the fact that the children want to hang out with him,

    – I wouldn’t date a child, but they can grow up and want to be with me, Pontus said.

    In the spring of 2022, Pontus published a video on Tiktok in which he said “about taking someone’s virginity”.

    This video is defended by Pontus.

    – Talking about sex is taboo. You have to be careful when talking about it. That video is not problematic. Losing your virginity is a part of everyone’s life.