Belgians are also welcome in the northern French city on other days, but then they have to make an appointment. “The Belgians will not be given priority in the following days. Demand is very high and continues to rise. We must of course be able to meet the demand to vaccinate the French,” a doctor told VTM NIEUWS.

    In our southern neighbors, all adults who are at higher risk of coming into contact with monkeypox virus can receive a preventive vaccination, while supplies last. This concerns men who have sex with men, transgender people, sex workers and employees who work in sexually oriented locations.

    That is a more flexible regime than with us, because in Flanders you have to adapt some conditions to get a preventive shot. In Belgium there are only 3,040 doses of the Imvanex monkeypox vaccine in total, although the demand is high. Delivery of 30,000 doses is expected in October or November of this year.