Lhe World Dreams Day is an opportunity to inspire people around the world to make their wishes come true. Was established in 2012 by Columbia University and is meant to be a powerful reminder that we all have the ability to make positive changes in our lives and in the world. By uniting and declaring our dreams, we create a kind of green wave that can propel us all to reach our maximum potential. This day is celebrated every year on September 25th at any latitude and by people of all ages. Because it is never too late to dream.

    The past conditions dreams

    The theme chosen for the World dream day this year is: “The higher dream”, that is an invitation to aim higher and higher. A moment of personal and collective inspiration to be the change we would like to see and then make it happen. “There is no limit to the ability to have plans and to desire. Not even after the age of 50. The only possible limit is the weight we carry on usfull of the emotional load of our experience », explains the Doctor Marinella Cozzolinopsychotherapist, clinical sexologist and creator of Dimmy.itthe online psychologist 7 days a week.

    The perception of oneself

    “Therefore, before asking ourselves whether or not we are capable of desiring, we should ask ourselves: “How has my life been up to now?”. Those who have never wanted or have never given themselves permission to do so will encounter some more difficulties. At the age of 50, in fact, it will be more difficult to read your needs. “How do I perceive myself, what identity do I have?”. It is starting from that that one’s dreams will be built », continues the expert.

    Gratitude: how to practice it to live better and be happy

    Not one but many 50-year-olds

    «50 is a particular age. There are those who have no children because she chose him or because it happened. And in cases like these it may have matured some sort of false illusion: “my life would have been different, better with children or, on the contrary, worse “. And such an illusion can be an obstaclemore or less large to the formulation, and therefore realization, of one’s dreams. But there are also those at this age who have i still young childrenmaybe 8 or 10 years old, or the other way around older children who are about to move or who are already living away from home, ”says Dr. Cozzolino.

    Transforming a passion into work

    «Especially the last 10 years, we have seen that about 70% of 50-year-olds want to change work and deal with things diametrically opposite to those done before. Those in positions of great responsibility switch to light jobs, which set in motion creative energy. Not infrequently, an accountant or a lawyer turns into event organizers, florists, jewelry designers or undertakes crafts. There are also those who become a great traveler. The common thread is: take yourself less seriously and choose what you like rather than what you need»Suggests the expert.

    Turning regrets into dreams

    There are some regrets for which at 50 you can still do something and others who no longer even serve as an alibi for suffering. Many people instead of thinking about what beautiful they have built, get stuck on a single mistake, a detail, an absence, which allow you to cloud your life. “I have a good job, well paid, they respect me, but I haven’t graduated”. Maybe the attainment of the degree was a need dictated by the family. Never make failure the center of your life. It is different who as a young man did not follow his own inclinations and decides to take a degree in philosophy at the age of 50 », concludes Dr. Cozzolino.