From BZ editors

    When it comes to sexual orientation, there is no right or wrong. Exactly where soft ends or hard begins, everyone should decide for themselves according to their own well-being.

    Satisfying needs while having fun and being comfortable doing it – that’s what sexual experiences are all about. Therefore the question: What desire do you have or would you like to try? Which of these four pleasure types corresponds to your desire?

    Today part 1: solo sex.

    Solo sex is… romantic, special, routine: You value your time for yourself. Because for you, it means consciously taking time out and creating pampering moments. With active attention you like to show your body that you appreciate it. For your special moments just with yourself, you create an environment in which you feel completely comfortable and in which you can enjoy. Candles, relaxing music or just switch your cell phone to flight mode.

    Solo sex is… variety, freedom, imaginative: For you, sexual pleasure means self-affirmation. You have a very stimulating imagination and have imagined many a hot kick with a colleague or even a celebrity and masturbated to it. In your flirt profile, you can quickly see what you like and don’t like. You know your needs and how to meet them. First in your head (later possibly also in reality) you like exciting games and like to slip into another role.

    Solo sex is… adventurous, exciting, experimental: Get out of your comfort zone – that is your motto. You get bored easily with routines, so you generally gravitate towards places where a little more challenge awaits. If you want to pamper yourself, you’ll want to do it in a variety of ways in order to experience a particularly intense orgasmic feeling. There is hardly a spot where you have not yet explored your body, because discovering new things means expanding your sexual horizons and finding new highlights again and again.

    Solo sex is… curiosity, nothing fixed, trying new things: Can’t rattle off a list of 10 things you like in bed off the top of your head? Who can? And there are no rules, no pressure, no goal. Because whatever feels good to you is right. Today it’s your finger, and tomorrow a warm bath will do for you before you go to sleep. Sexual well-being is an important key to mental and physical health. If you are curious and want to learn more about yourself, toys are a real opportunity to discover exactly what is still dormant inside you.