The ‘hit’ was possible because NS was able to hand over camera images of the incident to the police, which led to a manhunt for the perpetrator. In the past two months, several reports have been received to the police of a man who committed libel on the train. A number of these reporters have since been informed of the arrest and the police will also inform other reporters.

    The ‘train wanker’ has now made a confession during an interrogation by the vice squad. The Horinees has been detained, while investigations continue into places where he further killed himself in front of other travelers.

    NS is relieved that the perpetrator has been caught. “We want our travelers to feel safe. Offenders need to know that they will be seen and caught. They are also no longer welcome on the train,” said CEO Eelco van Asch. “We are grateful to the police for this quick arrest, which was possible thanks to the extensive CCTV surveillance. After conviction, we will proceed to a public transport ban. This way we prevent our travelers from having to deal with this man in the future.”

    “The Hoorn incident follows several sexual offenses committed in trains in recent weeks. For example, the possible assaulter of a 19-year-old woman on the train to Alkmaar is now arrested as a suspect. Three men were also recently arrested after a young woman (19) was groped while she was sleeping on the train between Lelystad and Almere.

    “My younger sisters are happy and relieved that the man was caught. We actually didn’t expect it to happen so soon,” said Sezina Kelsey Steur, the older sister of the two younger victims. “But it’s nice to know that the man is now in custody and can’t scare more travelers. Because it wasn’t just my sisters he harassed. No, my sisters are not immediately eager to travel by train again, that will take some time. But it is to be hoped that this man gets his deserved punishment.”