We said that this 2022 would be 8-M all year. And every month we have fulfilled the appointment under the baton of our deputy director, Gemma Martínez. We end September with a brutal report, also multimedia, by Núria Marron on the new forms of female old age. A generation that has broken many molds and now breaks the invisibility of older women. The height of machismo is not only clipping the wings of women in their childhood, youth and maturity, but make them invisible when they can no longer meet the standards of those who see them as objects. The same ones who did not marry the boyfriend their father had chosen, who they didn’t stay home with a broken leg despite the fact that they were not allowed to study, that they doubled their shifts to continue being the mothers that society expected them to be, that they encouraged their daughters to go to university, that they asked for their salary to be the same as men. These women fully live their golden years.

    This generation is the opposite of the narcissism of their grandsons and granddaughters. They never looked out for them, they never gloated over everything that was against them, they never stepped back for comfort. They always dreamed that the future could be better. And they did better. They have done better. They live better. They deserve it. And they also deserve our thanks and recognition. Feminism was born to cease to exist. It will not be necessary when what they have now called the new masculinity is imposed. In other words, the normality of understanding that cooking, cleaning, shopping, washing… are needs of every human being and that every human being must solve them without waiting for the opposite sex to solve them. They are more than details, they are more than “helping”, they are more than being displayed in the supermarket. The 8-M has to cease to exist because it ceases to be necessary. This purpose combines two of our Ps: people and progress. That is why we do not miss the appointment every day, to be attentive to everything that turns gender equality into mere posture. And report it. Those trailblazers we photographed on Friday deserve it because they did so much more.