No.hearing Harry and Meghan’s request for an intermediary, Camilla, now queen consort, nearly went wrong with her tea.

    To tell it is the British royal watcher Katie Nicholl in his latest literary effort, The New Royals: Queen Elizabeth’s Legacy And The Future Of The Crown (The New Royals: Queen Elizabeth’s Legacy and the Future of the Crown), due out for Hachette in Britain next November.

    Harry and Meghan wanted an intermediary

    The Sussexes arriving in Windsor last April, then traveling to Holland for the Invictus Gamesthey had suggested the presence, during theirs meeting with Carlo, of a third person, not belonging to the Royal Family.

    An intermediary who, according to Harry, would help clarify the positions of both sides, facilitating a possible rapprochement.

    The sad and lonely Prince Harry left Balmoral first to return to Meghan

    Carlo immediately blocked Harry and Meghan

    For many this may have been a sign that, in view of the Jubilee celebrations last June, the Sussexes already expected a greater presence in London. But Carlo did not want to know and denied the request to his son. In fact, she would have been right Camilla to define “silly” there presence of an intermediary: gThe family affairs, the then Duchess would have added, “must be resolved in private.”

    The Sussexes in Windsor, 8 September 2022 (Getty Images)

    The Sussex hit and run in Windsor

    The rather embarrassing meeting between Charles and the Sussexes took place in Windsor and, according to court rumors, lasted only a quarter of an hour, without reaching an agreement for the future. But it was Harry and Meghan who showed up late, leaving the current king less time due to another major commitment. But even Queen Elizabeth, met immediately after, dedicated only 15 minutes to them.

    Meghan and Harry at Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, June 2022 (Getty Images)

    Hollywood also rejects the Sussexes

    Nicholl also reveals that at the time of the Megxit announcement, William and Kate had welcomed with some relief Sussex’s decision of move to America, hoping theirs absence at court freed them from the constant drama.

    But now it seems that even in the US the situation does not bode well: an article appeared in the prestigious English magazine Spectator explains the reasons why Americans are, in fact, getting fed up with Harry and Meghan.

    Harry and Meghan are not one power couple In the USA

    Sources in Hollywood would have revealed that the Sussex they are no longer invited to the red carpet because they always end with the monopolize media attentionobscuring the event or the beneficial cause of the moment.

    But they are still considered one power couple? No, is the answer of the Spectator. To become a truly powerful couple in the US it is not enough to have a name and a Royal title. Charisma and dedication are needed. Qualities that the Sussex, according to American experts, are completely lacking.

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