TOWhat a conformist sign. Greta Scarano was born (on August 27, 1986) for overturn the clichés of the Virgin. Just look at it
    in the eyes to understand that control and exploratory thrust are the formula of his talent. She was born to be a director but acting “called her”.

    That’s okay, he says, broadening the smile on a luminous optimism, a gift from the Sun in the tenth househome of success. The Scorpio ascendant it is the urgent need to deepen oneself in order to immerse oneself in complex characters such as Viola, the toxic girlfriend in Suburraor Sabrina Minardicompanion of the boss De Pedis in The truth is in heaven.

    That 27th Moon in Gemini

    And what about the Moon in Gemini capable of suddenly swerve off the paved road of the control to escape from a regular life score. Hurray! And Greta becomes more and more beautiful with that Venus in Libra hosted in the house of mystery that will never reveal the secret of sex appeal, perhaps not even known to her.

    But we “felt” it when in a single episode of Montalbano (in the episode The Catalanotti method) seduced the most beloved commissioner in Italy. And she did it with a profound and versatile sensuality, skilled in changing the physiognomy and tones of the voice.

    This is the gift of Jupiter in Pisces and Mars in Capricorn: planets of pleasure and action that live entwined, sniffing life as it flows. And it is there that the Virgin becomes sublime in giving herself, without neglecting anything.