No.No surprise in the aftermath of the vote. The victory of the announced right has been confirmed, Fratelli d’Italia is the first party and Giorgia Meloni could therefore become the next President of the Council of Ministers and in fact, lead the next Italian government.

    But who is the most cited, tagged and criticized Italian politics in recent months?

    Giorgia Meloni: woman, mother, Christian and perhaps premier?

    Born in 1977, Meloni is not born of politics, even if the passion for the subject enters his life very early. Before devoting himself completely to militancy, becomes a journalist after a linguistic high school diploma.

    A rapid ascent, always to the right

    Giorgia Meloni celebrates victory in the elections (Photo Getty)

    A passion that began at the age of 15

    She is still very young, she is only 15 years old, when she joins the Youth Front and then becomes responsible for Student Action.

    He’s only 20 when approaches the National Alliance party as head of the student movement.

    And two years later she became the provincial councilor of Rome, and then became president of the youth organization of the National Alliance, Youth Action.

    The birth of the Brothers of Italy

    Her career continues: she becomes a deputy and in 2008 Minister of Youth in Governments led by Silvio Berlusconi.

    But when Forza Italia was born and the separation with Gianfranco Fini actually “kills” the National Alliance, Meloni decided to emancipate herself and go alone.

    And with Ignazio La Russa and Guido Crosetto, founded Brothers of Italy in 2012. The symbol of the new party retains the tricolor flame (green, white and red) which was part of the Italian Social Movement, the post-fascist party par excellence. Thanks to the Porcellum that “rewards” the first party that does not reach 3 per cent, manages to enter Parliament with its 1.96%.

    Giorgia Meloni: unique against Draghi

    And we come to the most recent history. In the 2018 policies, Fratelli d’Italia presents itself with Forza Italia and Lega and gets over 4 percent of the votes. And in the last legislature it is the only political force that opposes it to the national unity government led by Mario Draghi created for the pandemic emergency and the consequent economic crisis.

    And it is precisely this opposition that has led Meloni and Fratelli d’Italia to be, in all polls, the most popular politician and party in Italy.

    The thought and the program

    Homeland, family and LGBT lobby to be monitored. On the subject of rights, his thinking is clear.

    On citizenship, end of life and cannabis the program is silentwhile ample space is given to the theme immigration which provides for the defense of national borders, with border control and blocking of landings.

    Rights: which ones are possible and which ones are not

    With regard to lgbtqi + rights and women’s rights, Fdi proposes the “contrast to any discrimination based on people’s sexual and sentimental choices”. And the maintenance of the law on civil unions.

    What however, homogenitorial adoption and surrogacy are prohibited. On gender equality, there is a commitment to tackle the gender day gap, the pay gap between men and women.

    Giorgia Meloni’s partner? Vote Left

    Giorgia Meloni is also mother from Geneva, 6 years oldand for seven years the companion of the Mediaset journalist Andrea Giambruno.

    A “Enemy in the house”as the leader of FdI kindly complained, since the partner votes on the Left and the two have different views about, for example, the rights of the LGBTQ + community. The couple lives in Rome and is not married.