Sinterklaas has arrived in Zoetermeer! This is an exciting time for many young Zoetermeer residents. This also applies to some adults, because Sinterklaas time is not cheap. Don’t you have it wide? These tips can help you!

    Because let’s face it: every young Zoetermeer deserves a nice Sinterklaas evening!

    Put your shoe in the center for free

    In the Stadshart and in the Dorpsstraat, two shops have been set up as shoemakers. Children can put their shoes on for free and Sinterklaas provides a nice surprise. Read below where the shoemaking houses are:

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    Sinterklaas will arrive in Zoetermeer on Saturday 19 November. At various places in Zoetermeer…

    Toy bank Zoetermeer

    In Zoetermeer there is not only a food bank, but also a toy bank. Zoetermeer residents can come by to pick up free toys. Toy bank IKROS in Zoetermeer offers children up to the age of 8 a free shoe gift box filled with a gift and a treat. Good to know: you have to register before you can pick up your first (Sinterklaas) present.

    Sintvoorieder Foundation1

    At Stichting Sintvoorieder1, volunteers are ready to make a Sinterklaas package for children in poverty. Of course not every young Zoetermeer receives the same package; it looks at age, gender and more.

    The gift packages from Stichting Sintvoorieder1 are only available to Zoetermeer residents who are registered with the food bank.

    Sinterklaas entry 2022. Photo: indebuurt Zoetermeer

    Putting on shoes at the supermarket

    If it is up to the young people of Zoetermeer, they will put the shoe every evening. You can do this at home, but also at many supermarkets in Zoetermeer. A few examples!

    • At Lidl in the Leyens shopping center you can this homemade one put shoe.
    • Sinterklaas also visits Aldi in the Palenstein and Oosterheem districts. Craft in advance this shoe and put it at the cash registers.
    • At Albert Heijn in the Meerzicht shopping center and Noordhove, Piet provides something delicious
    • Do you often go to Jumbo in Oosterheem, Rokkeveen or Buytenwegh? You can also put your shoe there!
    Lidl Segwaert
    Lidl Segwaert