Antonella Baccaro (photo by Carlo Furgeri Gilbert).

    And so we too have a marriage saga that will soon find consecration in the courtroom.

    The couple in separation Francesco Totti – Ilary Blasi it will not be as glamorous as that of the actors Johnny Depp – Amber Heardwhich with their libel trial, which ended in favor of the first, kept us glued to the media to follow its evolution.

    But certainly the homegrown reproduction of a dispute in which, fortunately, there is no discussion of real or presumed beating but of separation, watches and handbags, is creating the same phenomenon: the polarization of supporters.

    Tottisti against Ilarysti is a derby in front of which all those who are celebrated in the sports fields turn pale. But let’s try to reconstruct the two teams on the pitch.

    It will be remembered that the lawsuit between Depp and Heard took on public importance because he went through the #metoo crusade. The “domestic violence” factor soon turned that cause into a trial of the movement.

    It was mathematician that fans were mostly divided between males, in favor of Depp, hoping that the #metoo rhetoric would suffer a setback, and females, persuaded that a Heard victory could shore up a battle that was beginning to fail.

    And we come to us: do Totti and Ilary have the same iconic strength to represent two conflicting sexes? I do not think so. Totti has never been an “alpha”, except on the pitch, and he is not even remotely the claiming male who wants to restore the primacy of patriarchy in the family.

    As for Ilary, her profile could inspire the amazons of feminism for her somewhat mocking pride, but to disadvantage her there is the absence of the presenter from the front lines of activism.

    So? The polarization here is taking place based on another factor, the much more dubious one of the first betrayal.

    The flowery comments around the latest news show that the two teams, completely mixed, are divided between who thinks that he is the cheater and who believes instead that she was the one who broke the pact of trust.
    The confrontation can therefore be resolved only if and when the Court charges the separation to one of the two.

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