Belgium is in a hurry to bring new jerseys to Qatar.

    The OneLove captain’s armband hanging from the hand of Belgium’s Eden Hazard is on the list of prohibited items in Qatar. PDO

    Football’s umbrella organization Fifa has sent a demand to the Belgian national team. According to ESPN, the Belgians will have to remove the word “Love” from the collar of their away shirts before the team starts their tournament against Canada on Wednesday.

    Fifa was not ready to negotiate on the use of the inscription. It is difficult for Belgium to fight against the International Football Association, so the Red Devils have to either tape the word over or order new shirts from Adidas. Since the text is on the inside of the shirt, it’s generally hard to notice by accident.

    Previously, Fifa banned the captains of Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, England, Wales, Holland and Denmark from wearing OneLove captain’s armbands containing an anti-discrimination message. The captain holding the tape would have received a yellow card right at the start of the match. Rainbow ribbons are also on the collar.

    The national teams obeyed Fifa’s order. They would have agreed to pay possible fines, but the factors influencing the game canceled the plans.

    – Fifa has made it very clear that if our captains appear in the tapes, they will face a sporting penalty. We are really disappointed by the decision, which we think is unprecedented, the national teams stated in their joint statement.

    For some Belgium fans, the jersey change is an annoying knock, as the jerseys with the text, which are not even seen at the games, have been on sale for months.

    In addition to Canada, Croatia and Morocco will play in Belgium’s group.