By Konstantin Marrach

    Germany as it lives and breathes – or rather loves…

    Today we want to present you with 16 exciting facts about lust and passion on this page. Each federal state sometimes differs greatly from the rest of the republic when it comes to these issues.

    Here are 16 facts from 16 countries*:

    ► Above average number Brandenburgers (76 percent) it is important to pursue common hobbies in a relationship.

    ► For 75 percent of the Saxony a fulfilling sex life with your partner is crucial.

    ► In Thuringia 36 percent have a partner who earns the same amount.

    ► 66 percent of hamburger want their relationship to last a lifetime – the lowest value in all of Germany…

    ► In Rhineland-Palatinate 27 percent become jealous if their partner spends more time on their cell phone than usual.

    ► 28 percent of residents of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania find that marriage primarily has financial benefits.

    ► Here in Berlin people pay more than average attention to the zodiac sign of their potential partner when they meet: after all, almost every sixth resident of the capital!

    ► Remarkable! In Lower Saxony According to statistics, every fourth person has sex every day …

    ► 47 percent of people in Schleswig Holstein it doesn’t matter who proposes marriage.

    ► In Bremen the 69 position is the most popular in Germany. Every second prefers them.

    ► With their single status, 64 percent of Hesse satisfied. Top value in Germany!

    ► Only around six percent of the Saarlander sleep naked. Nationwide, one in ten does.

    ► Every second in Baden-Wuerttemberg wants a financially well-off partner.

    ► In Bavaria 89 percent of people are satisfied in their relationship.

    ► Germans give their sex life an average school grade of 2.9, just like people in North Rhine-Westphalia. Residents of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania give the top value of 2.2, the worst mark – 3.1 – Lower Saxony and Bremen residents.

    ► And the people in Saxony-Anhalt are among the most loyal Germans according to surveys.

    *The facts come from the study “So loves Germany” from the single exchange ElitePartner and from surveys of other erotic portals.