La frustrated girlfriend, the boring and clingy boyfriend, the man on the perennial hunt for adventures, the unfaithful new husband already during the wedding party, the friend who is not a friend, but a love never expressed. There are all the pluses classic stereotypes of the average man and the most tormented couple dynamics in Even if it is love, it cannot be seena brilliant 2011 comedy directed and starring Ficarra and Picone, broadcast tonight at 9.20pm on Canale 5. A film that, mixing romantic narration, farcical tones at the Franco and Ciccio and ironic and chaotic fights to the Bud Spencer and Terence Hillkeeps you glued to the video and guarantees laughter at will.

    Ambra Angiolini, the portrait from “Non è la Rai” to date

    Even if it is love, it cannot be seen: the plot

    Except (Except Ficarra) And Valentino (Valentino Picone), Sicilians transferred to Turin, run a small tourist service company in the Piedmontese city, accompanying foreigners around the city on an old and colorful English bus. The two are polar opposites. Except inveterate single, perpetually looking for stories with beautiful and free women. Valentinointroverted and reserved, is the boring boyfriend of Gisella (Ambra Angiolini), Alitalia hostess who can’t wait to download Valentino because oppressed by the maniacal attention of him.

    At one point, the two partners hire Natasha (Sascha Zacharias), a young and sexy northern European guide who is in the sights of Except. “The drawback ”is that she is engaged to Arturo (Giovanni Esposito). Check then Sonia (Diane Fleri), an old friend who lives in the United States, and is passing through Italy with her boyfriend Peter (David Furr), a cold and grumpy type.

    Between gossip and couple exchanges, it’s chaos

    Each of these protagonists displays dislikes for some and sympathies for others. And between intrigues, gossip, unexpected and unexpected couple exchanges, everything happens.

    Sonia says a Valentino who can’t stand it anymore Peter and is in love with Salvo. Natashareleased by Arturo, turns out to be attracted to Valentine, triggering jealousy Except and (unexpectedly) his girlfriend too Gisella.

    Then we add the wedding party’s Horacewhich it actually is Arturo (the ex boyfriend of Natasha). During the celebrations of his wedding, he goes into hiding in the bathroom with a woman. Natashapresent at the ceremony, acknowledges Arturo-Orazioand, angry at being left and teased, with the help of Gisella (which together with Except he saw Horace lock themselves in the bathroom with the other), spreads the betrayal to the new wife Angela (Rossella Leonein real life wife of Ficarra).

    The result is an epic fist fight (in style Bud Spencer and Terence Hill) between the relatives of the groom and the bride, in which plates, chairs, cutlery fly. The chaos is total. But eventually some sort of order returns: Valentino and Gisella make peace, Salvo and Sonia find they are not friends, but fall in love with each other.

    Ficarra and Picone are still the Stuck

    The protagonists of this film, Ficarra and Piconebeloved Sicilian comediansthey are ready to come back up Netflix with the second season from Stuck, the crime comedy set in Sicily of which the two are, as well as protagonists, also directors and authors. The series debuted on the streaming giant last January and immediately thrilled the Italian audience remaining in the Top 10 of the most popular series on the platform for three weeks. The second season is inevitable, scheduled for Netflix in the winter of 2023.